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Roofing projects are often considered a hassle. Completely replacing a roof has many benefits, from saving heat in winter to lowering energy bills year-round. New Berlin homes reaching twenty to thirty years of age can especially benefit from having a new roof installed.

Depending on the warranty system you select, your family home will be protected for another thirty to fifty years, enough time for all the kids to move out and even grand kids to visit.

With Infinity’s “Best” system, you receive free annual inspections of your new roof from Certified Inspectors. Your home will be protected for years with our quality warranties and they will never depreciate in value unlike warranties offered by other roofing companies.

Repair Services for Older Homes

Have small problems with your roof too small to warrant a completely new roof installation? We offer fully comprehensive inspections of your current roof so you have an accurate estimate for a repair budget.

Many owners of older homes fail to realize they’re losing heat and energy through improper attic ventilation, a result of damaged roof shingles or poor installation. Professional repair services from Infinity Roofing are better than trying to patch the problem yourself with no idea where to start or how extensive the problem is.

Contact the New Berlin roofing contractors of Infinity Roofing for a quote on your next New Berlin roofing project including gutter and window replacement.