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The value of your home is dependent on exterior maintenance. No matter how nice the interior is, potential buyers see your exterior first. Rather than find out massive repairs are needed before closing a sale, get regular roof maintenance to continually add to the value of your residence. After installing a new roof, Infinity Roofing has many warranty plans which include yearly inspections and other maintenance plans. Gutters, siding, and windows are the final touches on redoing to exterior of your home without breaking the bank.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Is a new roof for your commercial property not practical for business? See if a Neogard roof coating is a viable alternative. This coating is more affordable weather-protection and you won’t have to get a completely new roof installed on your commercial business. TPO roofing supplies are an even more affordable and “green” option for commercial projects. Rubber roofing are resistant to UV rays for a longer life and greater durability. Keep your business running as efficiently and affordably as possible with an improved roof.

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