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Gutter systems with poor drainage or that are installed improperly have the potential to cause extensive water damage to your entire roofing system and interior ceiling. High-quality, professionally installed gutter systems from the experts at Infinity Exteriors help protect your home by preventing things like ice dams and leaves from clogging your drains. Infinity Exteriors offers only the highest-quality, seamless aluminum gutters with corners that are hand-mitered by us. Not only will the quality of our aluminum gutter installations provide superior leak resistance, but it will also add a sleek aesthetic appeal and even increase the value of your Appleton home. We offer high-quality gutter services at an affordable price.

Tired of having to climb ladders to clean your gutters by hand? The experts at Infinity Exteriors in Fox Valley can install gutter covers that can help prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutters. Not only that, but these gutter guards also help protect your home from potentially extensive water damage in the winter by preventing ice dams from forming. Infinity Exteriors is Wisconsin's #1 choice for all aspects of a home's exterior, including the roof, windows, gutters and sidingFor all kinds of exterior remodeling, Infinity Exteriors provides you with the highest quality service in Wisconsin.  

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Heavy duty seamless aluminum gutters installed by professional Infinity Exteriors’ roofing contractors near Fox Valley.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless aluminum gutters installed by Infinity Exteriors are attractive and durable. Our high-quality leak-free gutter systems are available in a range of colors and designs and have many benefits:

High-grade rust-proof aluminum
Seamless construction
Dent resistant
Easy to maintain and repair
Will not rust or corrode

Infinity Exteriors does the best gutter installation work in Wisconsin, and we guarantee every job with a true lifetime workmanship warranty. Seamless aluminum gutters endure harsh Wisconsin weather in every season and protect the integrity of your roof and home.

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Infinity Exteriors’ contractors in Appleton provide gutter covers to keep gutters clean and prevent ice dams from building up.

Gutter Covers

Infinity Exteriors carries only the highest quality gutter guards from the best manufacturers: Leaf Relief and GutterRoof.

Gutter covers prevent ice dams, clogs and other gutter problems before they can damage your home. Benefits include:

Block leaves, pinecones, pine needles & other debris
Keep birds, squirrels and other pests out of your gutters
Allow water to flow freely away from your house
Save time and energy without needing to clean your gutters

Prepare your roof for winter with quality gutter guards and gutter systems from the best Milwaukee gutter and roofing company, Infinity Exteriors.

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Common Gutter Problems for Appleton Homes

A bad gutter system can lead to severe home damage and deterioration. The causes of nearly all gutter problems are improper installation, flawed design or a lack of maintenance.

All aluminum gutters from Infinity Exteriors are made of the highest quality materials and have hand-mitered corners. Aside from our meticulous attention to detail during gutter installation, all installations are also backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. However unlikely, should you ever have an issue with your gutter installation in Fox Valley, we will fix it fast at zero cost to you.

Whether you need a complete gutter system replacement, a new gutter installation or just want gutter covers, our expert gutter contractors in Appleton will do the job right the first time at the original price we quoted you.

Clogged Gutters

The Basics: Gutters carry water away from your home to prevent damage from trapped moisture. Clogged gutters cause water damming, leaks and damage to the eaves, walls and flooring. Standing water leads to sagging and can breed mosquitoes.

WHY it happens: Through neglect, gutters and downspouts become clogged with leaves, pine needles and other debris from insect, rodent and bird activity.

HOW to prevent it: Gutter covers and gutter guards prevent leaves and debris from getting in.

Leaves can cause your gutter to clog and potentially damage your Appleton home

Leaky Gutters

The Basics: Gutters and downspouts can leak from joints, seams, holes and cracks. Dripping, leaking and overflowing water can damage your siding, trim, doors & windows, foundation and even get inside your walls.

WHY it happens: Galvanized steel gutters can crack from repeated exposure to extreme cold, especially if painting isn’t kept up. Small cracks invite corrosion, leading to more weak spots and leaks. Pooled water can also cause rust and holes to form in gutters. Improperly joined gutter sections, especially at the corners and downspouts, can cause leaks to spring from the faulty joint.

HOW to prevent it: Seamless aluminum gutters installed by Infinity Exteriors resist leaks better than galvanized steel. Our roofers work with painstaking attention to detail to fold and rivet every corner by hand to prevent shifting and leaking.

Traditional gutters on Appleton homes can crack or form leakes from extreme cold

Overgrown Gutters

The Basics: Old gutters can make great planters for gardening, but plant growth in your gutter system is bad news for your home. Overgrown gutters can cause damage to your roof, siding, windows and more.

WHY it happens: Climbing plants can grow into your gutters and pull them away from your house. Seeds blown on the wind or dropped by birds or overhanging trees take root and grow in clogged and neglected gutters.

HOW to prevent it: Regular gutter cleaning keeps debris from turning your gutters into planters. Gutter covers and gutter guards prevent plants and other material from getting into your gutters.

Overgrown gutters can damage the roof, siding, windows & more on your Appleton home

Sagging Gutters

The Basics: Sagging, warped or bent gutters let water flow off your roof and into the trim, siding, windows, foundation and lawn where it causes damage.

WHY it happens: Hardware and fasteners deteriorate due to age and weather, allowing gutters to sag. Clogged gutters weighed down by debris, water or ice get pulled out of place by gravity.

HOW to prevent it: Regular gutter cleaning keeps debris from sagging, warped or bending gutters. Seamless aluminum gutters installed by Infinity are less prone to buckle or break over time. Expert gutter installation from Infinity also ensures your gutters have the proper pitch so the weight of standing water doesn’t contribute to sagging.

Sagging gutters allow water to damage your Appleton home's trim, windows, foundation and lawn

Frozen Gutters (Ice Dams)

The Basics: Melted snow and ice from your roof flows into your gutters and refreezes. Over time this causes water to collect behind a ridge of ice and leak into your roof and interior of your home. When frozen gutters get heavy enough, they bend and tear away from the fascia.

WHY it happens: A common problem in older Appleton homes, ice damming is often caused by poorly-insulated attics. A well-insulated attic keeps your roof from heating up and melting the ice and snow. Warm daytime temperatures or the sun warming your roofing materials can also lead to ice dams, even if your attic has good insulation.

HOW to prevent it: Proper Appleton attic insulation and ventilation keeps heat from your home from reaching your roof (this will also reduce your energy bills). Roof heating cables also prevent ice dams from forming on roofs and in gutters. The roof heating cables emit a low level electric-powered heat preventing ice from blocking gutters and downspouts. Roof heat cables also melt accumulated rooftop snow preventing roof damage from heavy buildup. 

Infinity Exteriors prevents ice dams from causing damage to your Appleton home

Poor Installation

The Basics: Poor gutter installation can make your gutter system less effective or completely defective. The most common issues we see are pre-manufactured box mitered or strip mitered gutter corners, poorly placed downspouts, the wrong pitch, missing flashing, inadequate support systems and improperly sized gutters.

WHY it happens: Unfortunately many contractors take shortcuts during gutter installation or use inferior materials to save themselves time and money, putting your home at risk.

HOW to prevent it: Infinity Exteriors performs thorough, expert gutter installation of the best quality gutter systems. Our experienced roofers hand-miter and rivet the corners of our seamless aluminum gutters for a strong, leak-free gutter system. We’re licensed, insured and provide an unbeatable workmanship warranty for gutters you can trust to protect the integrity of your home.

Gutters installed by the experts at Infinity Exterior will last the test of time

Appleton's Best Gutter Installation

Normal wear and tear, storms, and ice dams commonly leave gutters in need of replacing. Leaving gutter damage untreated can lead to water damaging your roof, ceilings, siding, foundation and more. Infinity Exteriors handles any gutter replacement need. When it's time to get your gutters replaced, Appleton roofing experts provide outstanding service and quality materials. Our experts can replace them with our seamless aluminum gutters ensuring an effective, long-lasting gutter system.

Prepare Your Appleton Roof for Winter by Preventing Ice Dams

The Wisconsin snow and cold can create havoc for your roof. Stay on top of the situation by preparing for ice dams before the winter. Ice dams occur when the top layer of snow and ice on your roof remains frozen while the below layers melt.  The frozen top layer traps the melted snow like a dam, preventing the melted snow or water from properly draining off the roof through the gutter.  With no place to go, the melted snow or water penetrates the roof, causing extensive damage to shingles, roof sheeting and interior ceilings.

Gutter Guards & Covers Prevent Cold-Weather Gutter Problems

Gutter covers and gutter guards installed by Infinity Exteriors will minimize time and money spent cleaning gutters, battling potential roof ice dams and the damage they can cause. Take good care of your gutter system so it can protect your home from water damage!

If you see any evidence of water damage on your ceiling, walls or siding call Infinity Exteriors right away to safely remove any roof ice dams.

Contact our Appleton gutter contractors today for more information on our gutter, roofing and insulation solutions.


Infinity Exteriors is Appleton’s Best Gutter, Window, Roofing and Siding Installer

Infinity Exteriors is located in Fox Valley and serves all of Northeast Wisconsin, including areas like Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Sheboygan, and more! We apply the same level of meticulous workmanship for the installation of siding, roofing, trim, attic insulation and windows.

Whether you are looking for a complete gutter replacement, a new gutter system installation, or just want to have gutter covers installed, no one compares to Infinity Exteriors. It’s easy to see why our Appleton gutter experts are the #1 choice for all home and building exterior needs in the Fox Valley area. Infinity Exteriors provides the best value in Appleton for gutter installation and replacement.

Infinity Roofing also offers free cost estimates, transparent costs and competitive pricing. Other exterior contractors near Fox Valley wish they were us!
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