Close up views of windows, gutters & roofing on Wisconsin homes

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Use your cursor to move the image sliders left and right to see the difference we made for theses Milwaukee homes. Roofs, windows, doors, siding- we repair, replace & install it all. We work with quality in mind so that your exterior stays durable and under warranty for years to come.

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A new exterior is more than a facelift for your home's appearance. New roofing and siding also protects your interior and contributes to energy efficiency. A cut-rate exterior remodeling company may neglect proper ventilation or attic insulation, leading to expensive problems down the road. At Infinity, we offer a true lifetime warranty, so you know we're doing the job right.

These before-and-after photos showcase the transformation our expert contractors provide daily. Whether its recommending the right shingle material or choosing the right siding color, our experts will guide you through the entire remodeling process. We fix the "unfixable", transforming residential monstrosities into exterior masterpieces.

Wisconsin's Best Exterior Remodeling Company

Infinity Exteriors is trusted by homeowners all over the Milwaukee area. These before & after photos are only a snapshot of the projects we've done. Check out our interactive exterior remodeling map to see how Infinity has conquered the competition with unbeatable pricing on quality workmanship. We're Wisconsin's best, but don't take our word for it- read our reviews.

For quality installation or repair of roofs, windows, siding & more, contact our professional Milwaukee contractors.

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