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HOVER 3D Home Visualizer See your new roof, siding, and windows before you buy! No imagination required.

How it works:

  1. We'll take some photos
    When we arrive at your home for the initial consultation, our Infinity representative will capture a few pictures of your home.
  2. Transform photos to render
    Hover will turn the captured photos into an interactive, fully measured, and customizable 3D model.
  3. Visualize your dream home
    You'll be able to experiment with roofing, siding, and window options on your own home during the initial consultation.

Free Estimate

HOVER 3D VISUALIZER EXAMPLE (we’ll use your actual house during your consultation!)

Click the “Design” button to get started!

Visualize your home improvement in advance with

Infinity Exteriors partners with Hover® to display a 3D model of your home renovations before they start. With just a few photos, Hover renders a digital, interactive model of your home. You’re able to see new roofing, siding, and windows on your home in 3D. Confidence in your design feature choices has never been so attainable.

Still not sure about design feature choices for your home? We have human experts in our showroom, ready to help.

Roof visualizer

Hover allows you to choose from shingles, tiles, or metal roofing in over 70 vibrant colors. Discover the perfect roof for your home and visualize it before making a commitment. Book a free consultation with our team and begin transforming your roof today.

Siding visualizer

Visualize 7 unique siding styles in over 50 vibrant colors using Hover. Explore options including:

If you like what you see, let our experts bring your vision to life! Schedule a free estimate today and start your home's transformation.

Window visualizer

Windows are the soulful gaze of your home. Visualize a variety of designs, from casement and double-hung to slider windows, and accentuate them with these 5 distinct grid styles:

Pair your chosen style with over 22 captivating color options to create your dream look.


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Find your dream color

The color of your roofing shingles will enhance your curb appeal and possibly increase your home value

Roof Color Options

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