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Custom Metal Roof Installation and Maintenance

Infinity Exteriors installs custom metal roofing on homes, commercial buildings, churches and schools throughout Wisconsin. Our highly trained and experienced roofers install hand-seamed copper domes, metal flashing, flat-seamed porch roofs, zinc panels and custom metal roofing with architectural sheet metal.

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What are the Benefits of Having a Metal Roof?

Long Lifespan

Even the most durable non-metal roofs deteriorate from exposure to UV rays, strong winds, moisture and extreme temperature changes. On average metal roofs last 2 to 3 times longer than non-metal roofs when installed properly.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofing is famously low-maintenance compared to other types of roofing systems. Periodic inspection of the roof, gaskets and sealants will help your metal roof perform optimally.

Fire Proof and Tough

Metal roofing can significantly reduce your homeowner insurance premiums but you must check with your insurance provider for the final answer.

Huge Energy Savings

Metal roofing insulates your home or commercial building, keeping cool or warm air circulating instead of escaping. A properly installed metal roof can reduce energy bills year round and facilitate a more comfortable, stable indoor temperature.

Easily Installed with Zero Hassle

In many cases, metal roofing can be installed over shingles which saves money on tear-off and disposal. However adding a metal roof on top of your existing roofing is dependent on a solid roof deck and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

Metal Roofs Built with Quality and Care Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings Milwaukee

Infinity Exteriors will always deliver on the lowest prices of any reputable roofer! We install high-quality metal roofs on commercial and residential buildings throughout southeast Wisconsin, and we can find the best, most reliable metal roof for you. 

We will always have the best lifetime warranty in the roofing industry, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our exclusive true lifetime warranty:

Installing a Metal Roof 

One of the main advantages of getting a metal roof is it can be installed over an existing shingle roof, as long as the shingles are in good shape with no rotting or misshapen wood. Metal roofing needs to be screwed in properly into the roof’s base so it doesn’t fall off and can provide proper protection to your home or commercial building.

We use materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc to build metal roofs, and we even have a variety of Matterhorn metal roofing types to simulate materials other than metal.

Some of the CertainTeed Matterhorn metal roofing we use for Milwaukee buildings include:

Slate metal roofing

Metal material made to look like stone slate, cobalt, or brownstone

Shake metal roofing

Metal material made to look like weathered wood, timber ash, or cedar

Metal Roof Coating Systems

Even metal roofs aren’t invulnerable to long-term exposure to the elements. Professionally applied coating can protect your new metal roof installation or extend the lifespan of an existing metal roof.

If your metal roofing system is compromised by leaks, cracks or rust applying a coating can seal off damage and save you the cost of re-roofing. Fluid-applied acrylic coating shields both new and older metal roofs from UV radiation and hail and moderates wear and tear on screw holes and other fasteners due to thermal shock.

EPDM liquid rubber, silicone roof coatingurethane sealant and polyurea coating can also be applied to metal roofing to improve durability and weather resistance.

Not sure what type of fluid-applied roofing to use, or whether your metal roof is beyond saving? Contact Infinity Exteriors for a free estimate. We’ll evaluate your roofing system and help you understand your options.

Metal Roofs Add Long-Term Value to Your Home, School, Church or Commercial Building

Metal roofing systems outlast all other roofing materials and require much less maintenance. Over time your cost-per-year will be lowest with a metal roof. Even if you plan to sell your home or commercial building a metal roof is still a good investment as metal roofing adds considerably to the resale value.

Metal roofing is also an ideal choice for any home or business owner considering installing solar panels. The racks holding PV (photovoltaic) are extremely durable and weatherproof, so it makes sense to pair them with a roofing system with a long lifespan.

Pitched metal roofs also shed snow very easily, an important factor for buildings in Wisconsin.

Perfectionist Professional Metal Roofing Contractors Serving Wisconsin

Metal roofing is incredibly strong, but even the best materials can only perform as well as they are installed. Our highly trained and experienced roofers are all full-time employees dedicated to perfect roof installations and 100% reliable repairs. Our workmanship and materials are backed by an unbeatable roofing warranty and proven by our 99% referral rate.

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