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Shiplap Siding Installers for Milwaukee Area Homes and Businesses

What is shiplap siding?

Shiplap siding is traditionally a wooden siding, though there are now fiber cement and MDF versions. Similar to tongue and groove siding, shiplap has a notch cut along the edges where the boards connect. This notch, known as a rabbet, keeps water from getting behind the boards and also allows the boards to be installed flush.

 The overlapping notch cut on shiplap siding keeps water and wind out.

From Traditional to Trendy: Shiplap Siding is Making a Comeback

If you watch HGTV, or get inspiration on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen shiplap siding being used indoors as both a wall and ceiling covering. Before it was trendy for interior design projects, though, shiplap was a proven exterior siding. The overlapping notch on shiplap siding provides excellent thermal insulation and protection against wind and water intrusion—making it an excellent choice for Wisconsin’s less than ideal climate.

Although not the most common choice for siding, we’ve installed shiplap siding on a number of homes in the Milwaukee area and it always looks stunning. Natural wood shiplap is widely available in white pine, red cedar and cypress. James Hardie and LP SmartSide also make a fiber cement version of shiplap siding in a wide range of colors. Whatever type of shiplap siding you’re interested in, Infinity Roofing can get it and install it for you.

Why choose shiplap siding:

Infinity Roofing is Your Best Choice for Siding Installation

The word “siding” isn’t in our name, but we do almost as much siding installation work as roof work—and we do it better than any other siding or remodeling company in the Milwaukee area. With no Interest financing for 12 months, we also make new siding an affordable part of any remodeling project.

Need any more reason to choose Infinity Roofing? Consider these:

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