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Mastic Carvedwood 44 Vinyl Siding Installation & Warranty

Mastic Carvedwood 44 Siding 

Low-Maintenance Siding Maintains the Integrity of Your Milwaukee Home

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Mastic brand vinyl siding products have consistently earned rave reviews on non-sponsored siding review websties. The popular Carvedwood 44 product line is famed for its extensive color profile available in flat or woodgrain finish. The .044 thick composition provides ample protection for Wisconsin homes.Carvedwood 44 Siding

Carvedwood 44 and other Mastic products are engineered for maximum durability. Rated to handle winds up to 200 MPH, .044 thickness ensures resistance to cracking, impact, and thermal distortion. Carvedwood 44 is also produced sustainably and is recyclable.

Larger Selection of Fade-Proof Colors

The majority of economy panels only feature lighter colors to reduce fading, but Carvedwood 44 boasts a full range of colors thanks to Duranyl 5000 protection. Duranyl 5000 is worked into the vinyl siding to prevent fading, providing consumers with more vibrant color options.

Vinyl siding products are the top cladding choice nationwide. Chances are someone in your neighborhood has Mastic siding installed by Infinity Exteriors on their home. Choose Mastic Carvedwood 44 and get the look of wood siding without the upkeep.

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