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Should I Replace My Windows All At Once?

Replacing windows in your home comes with lots of decisions – what type of windows to get, when to have your new windows installed and which windows best suit your home’s style. Price, of course, is at the forefront when you’re deciding how many windows to have replaced at one time. So, should you replace your windows all at once or one at a time? There are 3 big reasons you should consider having at least 5-10 windows installed at one time:

  1. You’ll save money in the long run
  2. You’ll enjoy maximum energy efficiency
  3. Your home will have seamless aesthetics

Replacing Several Windows at Once Means You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

When you purchase windows in bulk, you’ll typically pay a lower cost per window than you would if you had purchased only one or a few windows. You’ll also save on labor and installation costs as well as the transportation and delivery costs associated with having new windows installed.

Well-installed windows last an average of 20 years, so although replacing multiple windows at once can come with a daunting overhead cost, you’ll end up paying less overall compared to dealing with the expense of repeated purchases, deliveries and routine-disrupting installations.

Pro Tip: Get the most out of your investment by finding an experienced window installer who will install your windows correctly the first time. A job done right will save you from costly and annoying problems like gaps, drafts, foggy windows and water-damaged window frames down the road.

Improve Energy Efficiency & Lower Energy Bills

Water pooling between glass panes, audible noise from the outside, warped window frames, cracked glass, and a drafty feeling accompanied by outrageous energy bills all point to old, damaged & inefficient windows.

Though replacing a window or two at a time is tempting, it won’t just result in paying more for the windows and the labor – you’ll end up enduring higher energy bills month after month, year after year.

If you’re tired of watching your money blow out the window and into the pocket of your local energy company, it’s time to increase the energy-efficiency of your home with a complete set of new windows. The only way to see a real difference in your energy bills is to have all of your windows (or at least all of the windows on one floor or in one wing of your home) replaced.

Replacing Multiple Windows Together Achieves a Coordinated Look

In addition to saving you money and energy, having several windows installed at the same time does wonders for your home’s curb appeal and the overall look, feel and style of your home.

When you install several windows at once, your home will be more aesthetically pleasing than if you had mixed and matched windows over the course of several years. Why? Window models get phased out over time, so if you wait to finish a room or a floor of your home, you might be out of luck with finding a match when you’re ready to have the rest of your windows installed. Even if you end up with something similar, you’ll miss out on a truly polished look, and the visible aging of your previously-installed windows will dampen the appearance of your new ones.

What to Do if You Can’t Replace All Your Windows at Once

Replacing windows in bulk is ideal, but sometimes it just can’t be done. If you really need to replace your windows one or a few at a time, it’s recommended to have your windows installed by a handyman to save money.

If you want to replace your windows all at once and you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a payment plan or putting your new windows on a credit card, explore your options! You may be eligible to take out a home equity loan or use your home equity line of credit. You might even qualify for government assistance.

Lastly, make sure you assess the true condition of your windows and ask your local window company if they offer free estimates or window installation services before you count yourself out. If your window frames are in good shape, vinyl windows might just be the cost-saving solution you’re looking for.

Affordable window payment plans at Infinity Exteriors

At Infinity Exteriors, we know home expenses don’t always go as planned, so we offer 12-month interest-free payment plans and 10 year payment plans with $0 down to make getting high-quality, new windows for your home affordable. We’ve installed Brilliance, Pella, Richlin and Marvin windows for thousands of happy homeowners. It’s your turn to have beautiful, energy-efficient windows. Contact Infinity today!  



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