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APP Modified Bitumen Roofing System

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems Installed in Wisconsin

Whether you need a new flat roof installation, reroofing, repairs, or a modified bitumen roof inspection, Infinity Exteriors is the best commercial roofer for your APP (Atactic Polypropylene) modified bitumen roofing project.

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Polymer-modified asphalt for waterproof & UV-resistant flat roofs

APP modified bitumen is asphalt with APP (Atactic Polypropylene) added to give it some plastic properties. APP is a thermoplastic polymer.

When added to bitumen, atactic polypropylene:

  • Makes the asphalt more flexible at low temperatures
  • Improves flow at high temperatures
  • Increases UV resistance

APP membranes can have a smooth surface or include surfacing material such as aluminum, copper or mineral granules. Polymer-modified roof membranes have been in use in the U.S. since the mid-'70s. APP modified bitumen roofing materials are produced in factories and sold in sheets or rolls.

Modified bitumen roofing is generally low-maintenance and can last for decades. Manufactured APP membranes also contain an insulating layer for a more energy-efficient roof.

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Best Warranty in the roofing industry

Every Infinity roof is covered by our exclusive lifetime workmanship warranty:

  • Ensures the manufacturer’s warranty remains VALID with perfect installation to exact manufacturer specifications (9 out of 10 new roofs installed today can’t pass a simple warranty inspection due to shoddy workmanship which VOIDS the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty covers the duration of the product’s life
  • Over 20,000 warrantied roofs in SE Wisconsin

A warranty like Infinity's would BANKRUPT the average roofer by sheer volume of free roof repairs. Infinity’s roofing-industry-best warranty thrives because mistakes are vanishingly rare and remedied without hesitation at a cost of 0 dollars and 0 cents to the customer. You’ll pay nothing and receive the best customer service LONG after you have paid us for the project.

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APP modified bitumen sheets

To create a roofing membrane, APP modified bitumen is reinforced with polyester plies. The polyester sheets are dipped in heated modified bitumen, put through a rolling cylinder and cooled. Finished rolls of APP modified bitumen have extra asphalt on the back. In torch down application the heated asphalt bonds to the roof substrate forming a durable and resilient membrane.

Rolls of APP mod bit membrane cover approximately 100 to 110 square feet per roll. The roof substrate determines whether a single, 2-ply or 3-ply system is installed. APP modified bitumen membranes can also be used in built-up roofs (BUR), making a hybrid roofing system.

APP vs SBS modified bitumen roofing

Compared to SBS modified bitumen (which has synthetic rubber added to it), APP modified bitumen has a higher melting point. APP is also better at withstanding damage from UV rays, making it less likely than SBS to blister or crack. This makes APP more suitable for flat roofs in very hot climates, such as in the southwest US.

APP modified bitumen roofing is quite efficient to install. However, here in Wisconsin SBS modified bitumen membranes are often preferred because they have greater flexibility in cold temperatures.

APP membrane waterproofing application

APP modified bituminous sheets are inherently waterproof and provide excellent tensile strength. The key to maximizing the performance of APP waterproofing membranes on flat roofs is with expert torch-on application done in exact accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The highly trained and experienced commercial roofers at Infinity Exteriors work with precise attention to detail. We guarantee compliance with manufacturer warranty requirements and a perfect installation. You pay nothing until you’re completely satisfied!

GAF Ruberoid® roofing membranes

GAF roofing materials ensure reliable, durable roof construction able to withstand even the harshest Wisconsin weather. GAF industry-leading warranties provide lifetime guarantees on certified roofing systems.

Infinity Exteriors roofing contractors use only the highest quality brands of APP modified bitumen membranes and other commercial roofing materials. Contact us today for more information on Ruberoid® Torch Smooth Membrane or other GAF roofing materials!

Contact Infinity Exteriors today for a free quote on an APP modified bitumen roofing system!

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