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Commercial Roof Maintenance services in Milwaukee, Madison & Appleton

Commercial roof maintenance Wisconsin's best flat roof repair & maintenance programs

Infinity Exteriors offers industry-leading, affordable roof maintenance programs for commercial roofs in the Milwaukee, Appleton, and Madison metro areas. Leaving a cracked or damaged roof unattended for too long can lead to worse problems with a hefty price tag. Maintain your roof's wear and tear with Infinity's top-rated maintenance programs. 

Affordable annual roof maintenance plans in Wisconsin

Looking for affordable commercial roof maintenance? Look no further than the experts at Infinity Exteriors, LLC. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures business owners receive unmatched service. Scheduling an annual roof maintenance plan from Infinity Exteriors, LLC is the easiest way to increase the life of your flat or low slope roof. An undiagnosed leak or a crack in your roofing system could cost your business hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and repair costs. Commercial roof maintenance ensures you find and fix problems before they get out of hand.

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Importance of roof maintenance in Wisconsin  

Countless business owners underestimate the importance of proper roof maintenance. Repair costs alone will grow exponentially the longer you neglect a leaking flat roof. A cracked membrane will compromise the stability of the entire roof system, and allow for greater damage as harsh Wisconsin winters drive ice and snow into exposed materials. Not to mention the lost revenue as you shut down a section or all of your business for repairs. Proper commercial maintenance isn’t just important, it’s essential!

Commercial roof preventative maintenance checklist

Preventative maintenance from Infinity Exteriors, LLC will ensure the long-term health of your roof. In addition to a complete commercial roof inspection, our roofing contractors will treat your flat roof membrane with diluted biodegradable cleaner. The Infinity Exteriors, LLC preventative maintenance checklist addresses all common problems on commercial roofs. Your roof could have a small crack waiting to turn into a big problem. The commercial roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors, LLC will ensure your roof is at peak performance. Our checklist includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Debris removal
  2. Drain cleaning
  3. Train maintenance personnel
  4. Restrict roof access to authorized personnel
  5. Chemical treatment
  6. Limit penetration of roof system

Scheduled commercial roof maintenance 

The easiest way to extend the life of your flat or low-slope roof is with regular maintenance from Infinity Exteriors, LLC. Our team of roofing contractors will schedule a maintenance program suited to your roof’s unique needs. We are prepared to meet annually, bi-annually, and even at a moment’s notice to ensure your flat roof performs properly. As Wisconsin’s best commercial roofing contractor, Infinity Exteriors offers a variety of warranty backed roofing services; including:


Commercial roof inspections in Wisconsin

The expert commercial roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors, LLC are fully certified to inspect flat and low slope roofs for damage and wear. We follow a multi-point roofing inspection checklist to ensure a thorough review. Our checklist includes:

  • General roof conditions
  • Punctures
  • Roof features
  • Ceiling conditions
  • Interior wall conditions

Business owners receive an itemized checklist after inspection of their commercial roof. Our roofing contractors will outline what parts of your commercial roof need to be repaired.

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Commercial roof repair

A leaking commercial roof can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost business and repair costs. Don't let a small leak become a big problem! The commercial roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors, LLC are equipped to repair most roofing systems; including:

  • Fluid applied roofs
  • BUR systems
  • Single ply PVC
  • TPO
  • Asphalt & gravel

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