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Fluid applied roofing systems in Milwaukee, WI

Fluid AppliedRoofing Systems

During Wisconsin’s harsh winter months roof panels will contract, leaving gaps for water to leak in. Fluid applied roofing systems offer impressive water and weather resistance. 

Fluid applied compounds replace commercial flat roofs

Fluid applied roofing compounds are a popular alternative to replacing a commercial flat roof. Maintenance is simple since leaks are easy to locate and patches can be applied with ease. Fluid applied roofing systems are essentially “painted” onto a surface using a spray system or brush and roller system. This process creates a virtually seamless seal on the roof. Because fluid applied roofing systems are seamless, the entire roof contracts and expands as one unit.

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Compatibility with existing commercial roofs

While different substrates will require a different elastomer binder, fluid applied roofing systems can be spread onto nearly any existing commercial flat or low slope roof. Fluid applied roofing systems are commonly used in conjunction with sprayed polyurethane roofs, single ply PVC roofs, metal roofing systems and modified bitumen roofs. Whether you need to reinforce your existing commercial roof or add an extra layer of protection to a new roofing system, the commercial roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors, LLC will develop the perfect solution for your flat or low slope roof.

How does a fluid applied roofing system work?

The roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors, LLC will begin by prepping your roof surface; cleaning any debris, patching holes, etc. The material will then be spread over the roof surface using a spray system or a series of rollers and brushes. The fluid must cure before another coat can be applied. Fluid applied roofing systems are comprised of paint pigments, liquid carriers and a variety of elastomer binders. Depending on the substrate the compound will be applied to, elastomer binders will be:

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