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Roof Damage

What are the aging signs of shingles?

Organic and fiberglass shingles are exposed to harmful UV sun rays and can cause problems such as:

  • Loosened granules
  • Centerline cracks
  • Curled shingle corners
  • Tears

Why is the roof of my home leaking?

Typical weathering will not cause asphalt shingles to leak.  The main causes of roof leaks include:

  • Flashing are not watertight due to poor sealing.
  • Damaged shingles can leave your Milwaukee roof exposed to water. If your roof has damaged shingles, you will need to repair them immediately.
  • Improperly aligned roofing shingle cutouts can lead to water intrusion.
  • Poor ventilation can cause ice damming, frost, and condensation accumulation. 

What is ice damming? Why is ice damming a problem in Wisconsin?

Ice damming occurs when heat from the inside of a home gets into the attic, melting snow on the roof. Water from the melted snow runs toward the eaves. When the water reaches the cold eaves and gutters it refreezes, creating ice dams. These icy obstructions on the eaves of your roof prevent water from flowing off. A pool of water forms on your roof, resulting in water seepage under the roof shingles or behind fascia boards. This ultimately causes water damage to roof decking, wall sheathing, attics, ceilings, and walls.

Why are the corners of my roof shingles turning up?

Curling is when shingle corners turn up. Curling is mainly caused by excessive moisture penetrating the bottom of the shingle.  Poor ventilation allows heat trapping and moisture in the attic.  This enters the roof deck and causes curling.  Improving ventilation in the attic can stop curling if it’s not too severe.  

Winter curling occurs when the corners of the shingles curl up from the roof deck when cold, and then lay flat again during warmer weather.  During winter frost forms on the shingle’s surface, causing the shingle surface to contract.  The shingle’s underside collects heat from the attic.  Moisture on the surface and heat on the underside result in shingle curling. 

What to consider when hiring a roofer

Why is proper roofing ventilation important? Why do other roofing contractors not mention it?

Proper ventilation of your roof prevents ice damming by keeping heat which escapes into the attic from heating the snow on the roof. This melting snow forms ice dams, which can lead to water damage throughout the structure of your house. Proper ventilation of your attic also prevents mold or water damage from moisture which gets into the attic from different sources inside the house, like hot water from showers and other sources.

Other Milwaukee roofing contractors don't talk about adequate ventilation because they don't take the time to install it. The long term water damage and voiding of your roofing warranty that occurs is not their problem - after all, 80% of roofing contractors are out of business within a couple years, so odds are you'll never be able to reach them to complain when something goes wrong. Simply cutting a ridge vent into the roof and calling it a day is not enough - the amount of intake venting must be at least as great as the exhaust.

Why does it matter if my roofing contractor is licensed by the state of Wisconsin?

If your roofing contractor is not properly licensed by the state of Wisconsin, YOU will be responsible for obtaining the proper permits for installation of your roof and other exterior products.

Why do I need a lien wavier?

In 2008, over 600 Wisconsin residents had liens put on their homes because their roofing contractor didn't pay their bills on time. If your roofing contractor doesn't provide you with a lien wavier, YOU will be liable for their late payment to suppliers and sub-contractors.

If another company is offering the same shingles and manufacturer's warranty, isn't it the same thing?

Are they installing proper ventilation, ice and water barrier, and adhering to other installation specifications necessary to make your roofing warranty valid? Most people who think they have valid manufacturer warranties do not, because MOST roofing contractors do not adhere to the installation specification stated in the fine print of the warranty. Not only does this void your warranty, it can also compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Why do so many people have problems with roofers?

Unfortunately, MOST roofing companies are not telling you everything you need to know. During the 9 month roofing season, the Better Business Bureau gets more complaints about roofing contractors than any other type of business. 80% of roofing contractors are out of business within a couple years. Over the ten years Infinity Exteriors has been in business, installing thousands of roofs in Southeastern Wisconsin, we have not had a single complaint with the BBB.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Can the roof of my home be repaired?

An experienced roofing contractor should inspect your roof to decide whether your roof needs repairing or replacement.  The roof will require an inside and outside inspection.  A stained ceiling, peeling paint, and missing shingles indicate the roof is failing.  You should also know your roof’s age.  If your “30 year” asphalt shingles are past their 20th year, replacement is likely. Most roofing companies take shortcuts by not installing proper ventilation, an ice and water barrier, and attic insulation, leading to further deterioration.

Should I have my old roof removed before the new one is installed?

Leaving old shingles on is cheaper and faster when installing new shingles.  However, the old roof must be a single layer free of problems for the new roof to adhere correctly.  If your old Racine roof features any of the following, it likely needs removal:

  • Curled or split shingles
  • Sagging or rotting roof decking
  • The new roof is lighter than the old roof.  Installing lightweight shingles over existing heavyweight shingles will show all the old bumps and ridges in the old roof.
  • Your roof already has more than one layer
  • Ice dams are common in your area, or the average January temperature is below freezing and the old roof has no ice or water protection membrane.
  • The experts at Infinity Exteriors advise that the lifespan of your new roof will be reduced by as much as 20% if it’s installed on top of an existing roof.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers


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I was very pleased with the result. Excellent. I got three estimates. Infinity was the lowest in cost, but Josh Sparks gave an excellent presentation and explanation of what would be done. His method sounded just like the very high end estimate I received from another contractor. The job was done as...

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Milwaukee Roofing Customer

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Sean’s roofing crew was on time and very professional. They did a great roof replacement and even did a great job cleaning up in the dark with headlamps and magnets. Highly recommended.

Ryan Shortridge

5 Stars on Google

I used Infinity for two different roofing jobs on my home in Milwaukee: a standard asphalt/shingle roof and a flat roof using tpo and aluminum through wall scuppers. I found that Infinity was extremely professional throughout the entire process, from initial consultation, to install and through fina...

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Kaylin Hetts

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I would recommend infinity to anyone! From the minute Vin was assigned to our project we knew he was our guy! Unlike the other companies we tried to work with- Vin answered every email, text and phone call timely and never made me feel like I was bothering him! Thank you Vin and Infinity Roofing- yo...

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Heather Dryer

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Victor was amazing and explained everything to us and was very honest with us. Joe and his team were awesome, completed the work very efficiently, and did the best clean up I have ever seen. Any small issues that happened were fixed right away the next morning. No complaints. Best home repair experi...

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Steven R Libbey

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Infinity Exteriors is a GREAT company. Infinity replaced a flat roof on my company’s building and also did the new flat roof on an addition. Both great value and meticulous work.

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