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Soffit Replacement with HardieSoffit in Wisconsin

Soffits from James Hardie will give your house or business that extra bit of edge that it needs. Whether you are looking to have some work done on a cottage-style home in Appleton or a sleek and modern business in Milwaukee or Madison, these panels will match any type of design. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also the best soffits on the market! Made of a durable mixture of wood fiber, sand, and cement, these are sure to last for years to come. You can even combine their large variety of different styles to truly make your home unique!

Infinity’s expert siding contractors in Appleton, Madison, and Milwaukee can install, repair, or replace your soffits with modern, durable HardieSoffit Panels. There is no doubt that we are Wisconsin’s number 1 siding installers - just check out our customer reviews and the before & after gallery!

Benefits of HardieSoffit panel installation

  • Storm-resistant 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Long-lasting
  • Low-Maintenance 
  • Easy to paint 
  • Doesn’t attract insects 
  • Fire-resistant 
  • Several unique styles

HardiSoffit panels can be installed affordably with Infinity's siding financing & payment plans.

James Hardie siding comes in a variety of types and styles. Explore their variety of products, such as their shingle siding, HardieShingle, their exterior trim, HardieTrim Board, and their most popular product, HardiePlank lap siding

Find your dream color

The color of your siding will enhance your curb appeal and possibly increase your home value

Siding Color Options

Non-Vented Cedarmill®

James Hardie’s Cedarmill finish has a raised texture that imitates wood, but with increased resistance to warping and rotting.

Non-Vented Smooth

The most adaptable HardieSoffit panels. These smooth soffits are available in a large variety of styles and pair extremely well with smooth or textured siding.

Vented Cedarmill®

These panels have a texture that mimics wood, and have vents added to meet coding regulations.

Vented Smooth

These HardieSoffit panels can bring both ventilation and elegance to your home and pair excellently with smooth siding and trim.

VentedPlus™ Cedarmill

Alongside their raised textures to mimic wood, these panels also contain uniquely designed vent holes engineered to deliver more airflow than any other vented soffit panels on the market. These panels are perfect for modern homes or buildings built on close lot lines with restrictions on vented soffit use.

VentedPlus™ Smooth

Not only do they contain a similar elegance as the other smooth panels, but they also have vent holes uniquely designed to deliver more airflow than any other vented soffit products on the market. These panels are perfect for modern designs or homes built on lots with restrictions on vented soffit use.

Beaded Porch Panel

A lovely addition for any cottage style or traditional home, these panels have an attractive beaded texture. These panels only come in smooth surfaces, since porch ceilings do not require ventilation.

Cost of HardieSoffit installation & replacement in Wisconsin

While it may be the easiest to buy the cheapest materials, doing so will almost always cost more down the road. HardieSoffit panels from James Hardie may cost slightly more than vinyl and wood, but thanks to their durability and robustness, you’ll pay much less over time in maintaining your home’s great looks. HardieSoffits are an investment for your home that can save you a lot of time and money while giving you peace of mind that your soffits will be good to go for years to come.
Costs will depend on the size of your house and the type of HardieSoffits that you choose. Contact Infinity for a free quote on your Wisconsin home.

Infinity Exteriors is your best choice to install residential & commercial soffits

No Wisconsin siding installation company offers better soffits and siding products, greater trim installation expertise, special offers, payment plans, lifetime warranties, or a better overall value. Our siding installation experts have locations in AppletonMadison, and Milwaukee, and are able to service any of the surrounding areas. No matter where you are in Wisconsin, we can come to you.

Contact the experts at Infinity Exteriors today to find out more about getting incredible value on siding, window installation, attic insulation, and the best value on Milwaukee roofing.

Visit our interactive remodeling map to see if your neighbors are Infinity Exteriors customers.

James Hardie siding styles:

Frequently Asked Questions about HardieSoffit:

What is HardieSoffit made of?

HardieSoffit is made of fiber-cement panels that are factory-primed. Fiber-cement is a durable material composed of cement, sand, and tiny cellulose fibers. Fiber-cement helps make HardieSoffit resistant to moisture, fire, pests, and father time.

What does HardieSoffit look like?

HardieSoffit panels come in a wide variety of colors and textures ranging anywhere from smooth to heavily textured. Choose between vented and non-vented soffit options to construct the perfect combination of design elements to complete the look of your home.

Can I use HardiePanel as soffit?

To get the best out of your home, you should be using Hardiesoffit as the material for your soffit. Hardiesoffit is specially designed to maximize the look and durability of your home’s exterior.

Is Hardiesoffit fireproof?

No James Hardie product will ignite when it is exposed to direct flame, nor will it help fuel a fire. However, heat is able to transfer through James Hardie products. Due to these facts, Hardiesoffit itself is not 1-year fire rated.

Does Hardiesoffit grow mold?

Along with all other James Hardie Products, Hardiesoffit is made from fiber cement - a material that lasts against all possible damages created by moisture and rot. This means Hardiesoffit acts as a barrier to moisture and will prevent mold from forming.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Roby Skrbis

5 Stars on Google

Had a great experience with Infinity Exteriors from start to finish. Worked with a few different staff members but with Caleb and Jake the most who were both fantastic. We needed our siding replaced due to cracking and buckling etc. Every meeting we had with the team that supported us was comfortabl...

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Elysha Lamping

5 Stars on Google

Vin really knew his stuff and was able to make the process very thorough and simple at the same time. He went above and beyond with his service, helping secure some siding while he was inspecting the roof damage to help prevent leaks. We loved his energy, passion and recommendations! Communication w...

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Al Nogalski

5 Stars on Google

We had our siding and gutters done by Infinity back in April and we are extremely pleased with the whole experience. Jason was great. Answered all our questions and helped us with any concerns we had. Made the buying experience a good one. We also can’t say enough about the crew. Fast, efficient, an...

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