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Plywood siding installation for Milwaukee Area homes

Exterior Cedar Plywood Siding Installation for Wisconsin Homes & Businesses

Plywood siding has many advantages like its strength, cost-effectiveness, weight and more. The Wisconsin wood siding contractors at Infinity Exteriors will ensure a proper and professional installation of cedar siding for residential and commercial properties in Wisconsin.

Exterior plywood siding in Wisconsin

Cedar plywood is very versatile in its possible functions, which is why you see it used in so many applications. Get your installation project underway with affordable house siding financing.

Infinity Exteriors is the best cedar siding company in Wisconsin with customer reviews to back it up. Take a look at our interactive before and after photo gallery to see that Infinity Exteriors is the right exterior siding contractor for the installation & replacement of your exterior plywood siding. 

Infinity Exteriors is Wisconsin's expert plywood siding installer

Exterior plywood siding is not a one size fits all solution & can be a complex process when trying to choose the right type. The type of wood used, plywood grade, size & thickness are just a few of the considerations that need to be taken to ensure proper installation of exterior plywood siding. Exterior wood siding contractor, Infinity Exteriors, has the expertise needed to properly and professionally install plywood exterior siding for your Wisconsin home or business. Our plywood siding contractors are based in Appleton, Madison, and Milwaukee and can service any of the surrounding areas.

Here are just a few exterior plywood siding types to consider:

  • Maple Plywood – Provides an attractive, finished look
  • Oak Plywood – Tough material gives added resistance to pests & fungi
  • Spruce Plywood – Strong material, even with thin cuts
  • Pine Plywood – Common plywood material choice, proper grade selection is important

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Advantages of exterior plywood siding

Climate, durability, maintenance required, and style are just a few of the factors to consider when choosing the best house siding type for your Wisconsin home. Get the most benefits out of exterior plywood siding when properly installed by Milwaukee wood siding contractor Infinity Exteriors.

Here are just a few of the advantages exterior plywood siding provides:

Infinity Exteriors offers the best residential & commercial exterior siding installation

The best exterior siding contractor in Milwaukee for residential and commercial properties is Infinity Exteriors. We offer unmatched value by providing special offers, affordable payment plans and lifetime warranties on exterior siding and roofing services.

Infinity Exterior remodeling contractors offer superior services like Window Installation, Attic Insulation, Gutter Services, Roofing Services and more at an affordable price.

View our interactive remodeling map to see nearby Wisconsin homes and businesses that have used our exterior siding, roofing, and other services nearby.


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Contact Infinity Exteriors for a free quote on exterior plywood siding installation, or call 262-650-5040.
  • Infinity Exteriors installs durable and attractive LP Smart Siding
  • ProVia HeartTech vinyl exterior siding installed by Infinity Exteriors
  • ProVia CedarMAX insulated siding installed by Infinity Exteriors contractors
  • Infinity Exteriors installs James Hardie fiber cement siding in many styles and colors
  • Mastic Carvedwood vinyl siding is durable, low-maintenance, and a multitude of colors
  • Quest Signature vinyl siding is traditional style with modern design.
  • Mastic EPS insulated vinyl siding looks great and provides insulation.
  • Norandex vinyl siding has a wide variety of styles and colors to ensure the perfect match for your home
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