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Since 1981 Great Lakes has been crossing oceans and moving mountains to find the ultimate vinyl formulation to construct the ultimate windows. Now, using state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment, and cutting edge operational techniques, Great Lakes produces the best high-performing windows in the industry. Their custom made windows tailor specifically to your home to enhance interior beauty and create a better living environment, all while saving you more money on energy costs than competing window brands.

Infinity Exteriors installs award-winning ecoSmart windows 

All Great Lakes windows are built for high-performance and low energy costs, but their ecoSmart line is cut above any window in the industry. Great Lakes created these cutting-edge windows by pioneering breakthroughs in vinyl, insulation, and reinforcement. Don’t believe us? We’ve got the accolades to back it up, being Awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Recognition in 2019. There’s no compromise with ecoSmart windows, they’re the perfect blend of performance and design.

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Great Lakes & Infinity Exterior Warranty

Having durable Great Lakes vinyl windows installed by the experts at Infinity Exteriors is enough to guarantee great, lasting windows. But just in case, all Great Lakes windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As long as you’re living in your home, every window is backed by warranty. If you ever move, your warranty is completely transferable to the next homeowner! Infinity Exteriors window installation service also comes with our workmanship guarantee warranty. No Infinity Exterior job is complete until the customer is satisfied.

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Great Lakes window types:

Harbor Light: classic easy living

Made for durability and easy maintenance, these windows are a great choice for any home. Within the Harbor Light line, there are a variety of options: 

  • The classic double-hung is a staple of the modern home and appropriate for all markets.
  • The single hung series is popular in Texas & Southern markets.
  • The Impact series is built with laminated glass and extra strength where windows need to stand up to hurricane wind conditions, optimal for coastal markets.

Comfort Smart: for your viewing pleasure

  • Sleek design
  • Traditional craftmanship
  • A perfect storybook frame for your outdoor scenery

This line was built with great views in mind. Comfort Smart windows are renowned for their style: their sleek design and traditional craftmanship will make the perfect storybook framing for your outdoor scenery. You can choose from a variety of styling options and colors to craft the windows of your dreams. Whether you’re looking from the exterior or interior, Comfort Smart windows always compliment your home. 

EcoSmart: the industry's elite

You just can't say enough about ecoSmart windows. With Great Lakes’ pioneered vinyl formulation, they’ve created this award-winning window that’s now recognized as the best in the business:

  • High-performance
  • Low energy costs.
  • Custom designs
  • A window that will look great in any home

Need we say more?

Custom-designed window styles, colors, & more options from Great Lakes 

Great Lakes windows have an infinite amount of options to customize from. Whether you want a unique diamond grille, colored window hardware finishes, or elaborately designed glass styles, you can make your dream home with ease with Infinity Exteriors Great Lakes window installation.

Great Lakes window types:

Colors that enhance your Great Lakes windows  

There’s no one color that fits all when it comes to homes. Great Lakes offers a variety of color options for your windows that will perfectly compliment your exterior siding or interior trim and cabinetry. Extruded colors are the same for both interior and exterior colors, or with co-extruded colors, you can have two different colors for the interior and exterior. Infinity experts can help you choose the perfect match for your home.

Exterior Colors

  • White
  • Beige
  • Dark Bronze
  • Earthtone
  • Sandstone
  • Royal Brown
  • Evergreen
  • Black
  • Shark Skin

Interior Colors

  • White
  • Beige
  • Colonial Cherry
  • Natural Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Warm Maple
  • Rosewood  

The lowest installation cost does not equal the best value

Infinity Exteriors window installers do meticulous work to protect the structural integrity of your home. Windows installed by Infinity guard against weather, water damage, insects and future repair expenses. We make quality installations budget-friendly payment plans with window replacement financing & payment plan options. See hundreds of jobs we've previously done in the Milwaukee area on our interactive remodeling map or read previous customer testimonials

Get the most from your Great Lakes windows with expert installation from Infinity Exteriors

Infinity Exteriors’ perfectionist installers ensure your energy-efficient windows live up to their design. Infinity is the best option for window replacement and installation in Wisconsin. Our reputation for excellence in roofing and exterior remodeling is backed by the best warranty you’ll find anywhere. Our flexible payment plans offer the best deal in the state. For the highest value and lasting satisfaction, choose Infinity Exteriors and get your Great Lakes windows installed right, guaranteed.

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