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Residential & Commercial Exterior Contractor Replaces Brookfield Doors

Save energy & frustration by getting leaky, squeaky, & sticky doors replaced. Doors are a leading cause of lost heat and cold drafts in your home. You can trust Infinity Exteriors to install a door that both functions and insulates well.

Replacement patio doors for Brookfield homes

Choose from a wide selection of patio doors based on material, size, and style. Our trusted brands are guaranteed to protect the integrity of your home and add to the decor of its surroundings. Count on Infinity for the best door replacement contractors and a free estimate on your new door.


When to replace your patio door

It may be difficult to tell when it’s time to replace a patio door, especially if it seems to be working just fine. Here’s a few signs that will let you know when it’s the right time to replace it.

  1. Visible gaps or holes in the door
    An exterior door that is breached by cracks or holes is immediate grounds for a replacement. The door will provide little to no protection from the elements and its integrity will rapidly diminish.
  2. Visible gaps or holes around the door
    Even if the door itself is sound, it won’t do much against the outside world if there are holes or gaps around the door frame. A contractor may be able to realign your door to close those gaps, but some cases may require you to replace the entire frame.
  3. Drafts and uncomfortable temperatures
    Interior drafts, even with a closed door, can be caused by small gaps in the door or the frame. This can lead to significant increases in energy bills and rapid changes to your home’s temperature.
  4. Moisture buildup
    Water buildup around your door can also be a sign of gaps in the frame. Make sure to call a contractor to reset your door or replace your frame to keep your home dry.
  5. The door becomes difficult to operate
    A door that has trouble opening, closing or locking properly may warrant a replacement. These may be signs that your door is simply too old or needs to be cleaned.
  6. Outdated design
    Your patio door may simply not match the color scheme or style of the rest of your home. Browse through Infinity’s trusted brands to find a new door with the perfect color and style you’re looking for.


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Top patio door manufacturers

Only four companies meet Infinity Exteriors’ stringent standards for patio door manufacture:


ProVia are known for its beautifully designed doors and ENERGY STAR award-winning energy efficiency. Homeowners looking to break the mold and get a truly unique high-performance door need look no further than ProVia Doors. Each door is individually customized from durable steel or fiber-glass with a range of embossing, wood finishes, paint colors, hardware, and glass options to choose from. You can truly design the door of your dreams with ProVia.

ProVia offers several luxury door series to compliment any home with its fully customizable design:

  • The Aeris Series patio doors make no compromises. A real wood interior of oak, cherry, or maple enhances the beauty inside your home, while a tough vinyl exterior provides protection outside. These high-performing sliding doors give homeowners functionality and energy savings.
  • The Embarq Series entry doors have reinvented the door, setting a new standard in energy efficiency. These innovative fiberglass doors are 43% thicker than the average door, with a dual perimeter seal, custom bottom sweep, and an insulation channel combining to give it the lowest recorded heat conduction measurement for entry doors in the U.S.

ProVia specializes in:

  • Entry Doors
  • Storm Doors 
  • Patio Doors 
  • Hardware  


Marvin™ patio doors feature beautiful natural wood interiors with exterior cladding in wood or aluminum.

Marvin patio doors are made to order and true to the company’s heritage of high quality and exclusive innovations like the robust Ultrex sill.

Marvin offers many different styles of sliding, swinging, and bi-fold doors with ergonomic hardware and graceful operation.



Richlin Window™ patio doors are made with double-strength glass and double weather stripping for reduced energy costs.

Richlin’s high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sliding patio doors are extremely weather-resistant and undergo rigorous testing and are guaranteed not to warp, peel or shift.

Available options include simulated divide lines, built-in blinds, and solid or woodgrain finishes.



Pella® patio doors are available in many different styles including French, sliding, bifold and multi-slide.

Choose from wood, fiberglass or vinyl and a wealth of finishing and color options.

Pella patio doors are crafted using the latest technology while maintaining the company’s high standards for performance and practicality.

Contact an experienced patio door installer at Infinity Exteriors for help choosing the most affordable, energy-efficient, and attractive patio door for your home.

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