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For over a decade, Infinity Exteriors has been dedicated to offering honest and equitable siding services to homeowners in Menomonee Falls and Waukesha County. Specializing in siding replacement, installation, and inspections, we have the expertise to meet all your siding needs. Our trustworthy contractors are committed to providing reliable guidance, transparent pricing, and honest advice for your siding project. Rest assured, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our service to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


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The Menomonee Falls #1 Choice for Residential Siding

Infinity Exteriors is the best, local siding company in Menomonee Falls, WI. We offer a range of siding services, including:

Siding Replacement

Over time, siding can deteriorate, warp, or sustain damage, compromising both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. Discover the difference with our professional siding replacement service, offering a revitalized look and improved functionality for your home.

New Siding Installation

Our team of experts specializes in the meticulous installation of high-quality siding materials. Experience the transformative power of new siding installation, enhancing your home's aesthetic appeal while providing long-lasting protection against the elements. Use our siding cost calculator to get an estimate on your siding installation cost in Menomonee Falls.


Siding Inspection

Put your trust in our experienced inspectors who will conduct a thorough examination of your siding. From identifying cracks and warping to addressing fading and moisture infiltration, we'll detect any signs of damage. By detecting potential issues early on, we can help you prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs in the future.

The best siding brands for Menomonee Falls homes

  • LP Smartside: Renowned as a top brand, LP Smartside offers siding solutions that are both durable and visually pleasing. Their engineered wood siding replicates the natural look of wood while providing exceptional resistance against rot, insects, and impact damage. Homeowners can select from a variety of styles and finishes to achieve their desired aesthetic, knowing that LP Smartside siding combines beauty with long-lasting durability.
  • James Hardie: A respected name in the siding industry, James Hardie is synonymous with high-quality fiber cement siding products. These siding options are meticulously engineered to be durable and require minimal maintenance, withstanding even the harshest weather conditions while resisting rot, pests, and fire. With a wide range of styles and textures available, homeowners have a vast selection of James Hardie siding to choose from, enabling them to elevate their home's curb appeal and ensure lasting protection.
  • Norandex: Trusted for its vinyl siding solutions, Norandex is a brand that prioritizes quality and innovation. Their vinyl siding options are designed to be low maintenance, energy-efficient, and resistant to fading and cracking. Homeowners can explore an extensive range of colors and textures, finding the perfect fit for their homes while enjoying the benefits of long-lasting performance and enhanced aesthetics. With Norandex siding, homeowners can have confidence in the durability and visual appeal of their exteriors.
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Is a building permit required for new siding installation in Menomonee Falls?

Yes, the Village of Menomonee Falls requires a building permit for siding installations. The Village has a $50 fee for Residential District permits and a $100 fee for Non-Residential District permits. For your convenience, you can print out their Application for Building Permit from their website.

For questions and correspondence:

Village of Menomonee Falls
W156 N8480 Pilgrim Rd., Menomonee Falls, WI  53051-3140
Phone: (262) 532-4280 Fax:(262) 532-4289

Will Infinity Exteriors handle the permit?

Yes, if you hire Infinity Roofing to replace your siding, we’ll handle all the paperwork to get the building permit.

Completed Infinity Exterior siding jobs in Menomonee Falls

Infinity Exterior siding installers have worked on homes all over southeast Wisconsin, including:

  • Menomonee Falls Residence:
    W174N8955 Christopher Blvd, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
  • Menomonee Falls Residence:
    W131N8020 Country Club Dr, Menomonee falls, WI 53051
  • Menomonee Falls Residence:
    W140N7948 Lilly Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Average Cost to Reside a House in Menomonee Falls

The average cost of siding a house in Menomonee Falls ranges from about $5,399 - $12,603. The number of stories, siding size, architecture, labor costs, and materials are all factored into the price. The table shows the cost of installing vinyl siding with a hip and valley structure.

House Size


1 Story $5,023.36 - $10,046.72
2 Story $5,670.08 - $11,340.16
3 Story $6,091.20 - $12,197.44

For the most accurate siding quote, contact our siding contractors or try out our siding cost calculator.

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