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Bow window replacement Installation in West Allis, WI

West Allis, WI Replacement Window Installers

Infinity offers professional, affordable window replacement and installation services for homeowners in West Allis, WI. Get competitive window prices and affordable window financing options. Your search for trustworthy window companies in West Allis is over - contact Infinity to get a free quote for new windows.

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Trusted window contractors in West Allis, WI

We've been delivering affordable window replacement services in West Allis, WI, since 1997, catering to over 20,000 homeowners in Wisconsin. As the best window installers in West Allis, we stand out by providing unmatched products, advantages, and craftsmanship that set us apart from any other window company in West Allis.


Popular window styles for West Allis homes

Infinity Exteriors excels in installing a variety of replacement window styles. Whether you seek bay window installation, skylight installation, or any other window style, we've got you covered.

All window styles can be ordered with wood frames, fiberglass frames, or vinyl frames.


Window brands we offer

Pella new & replacement windows

Infinity Exteriors installs the industry's toughest windows, Pella. Pella windows come with a limited lifetime warranty that's one of the best in the business. Ranging from giant luxury windows for architectural buildings to simple classic windows for Wisconsin homes, Pella does it all. Pella windows come in several styles, categorized by the type of frame - wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each Pella window is designed with industry-leading standards:

  • Lattice structure to protect against shatters
  • Option to integrate with smart home technology for remote control security 
  • Noise reduction technology designed for luxury and business needs 
  • Wooden windows tailor-made by carpenters to fit your home 

Pella windows are available in a variety of styles from double-hung to bay & bow. 


Richlin vinyl windows

Infinity Exteriors, LLC installs, replaces, and repairs beautiful Richlin vinyl windows for Wisconsin homes and businesses. Made from vinyl, designed to never warp, blister, peel, chip, or shift over time, these windows are guaranteed to stand up to the harsh Wisconsin elements. Using state-of-the-art equipment and undergoing rigorous testing, these window's amazing design features include:

  • Triple weather-stripping prevents air infiltration 
  • Non-corrosive hardware, single lever locks are compatible with window coverings 
  • High-performance Duralite spacer bars reduce condensation & lower U-value 
  • Severe weather

Learn more about affordable Richlin vinyl siding and talk to an Infinity Exteriors window expert today. 


Marvin wood windows

Infinity Exteriors install beautiful custom wood windows by Marvin. You can't beat the look of traditional wooden windows. These expertly crafted windows come in a variety of different styles and designs that will invigorate any home. Whether you need a single window replacement or a dozen custom-made windows for your new home addition, Marvin Windows offers endless possibilities with quality construction. Benefits of Marvin Windows:

  • The unmatched beauty of traditional wood
  • Market leader in energy-efficiency 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Features six different species to fit your vision 

This top-rated window series is guaranteed to give your home or business an exciting new glow. Learn more about Marvin Windows today. 


Window Financing & Estimates in West Allis, WI

Select from two budget-friendly window financing choices:

  1. 0% Window Financing for 1 Year
  2. 10-Year Window Financing with $0 Down

Reach out to Infinity for your complimentary replacement window estimate. Still exploring options? Experiment with our free Wisconsin window cost calculator for instant insights into window price ranges. \

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West Allis window permitting office

Does the City of West Allis require a building permit for replacement windows?

West Allis does not require a building permit for replacement windows as long as they are the same size as the existing windows. Per the “Do I need a Building Permit?” informational bulletin on the City of West Allis website:

"A building permit is not required to replace windows or doors to a dwelling or garage with the same size window or door. A permit is required to increase the size of an opening for a larger window or door due to structural considerations. A permit is required to decrease the size of a window or door because of code requirements relating to egress and light and ventilation in habitable rooms.”For questions and correspondence:

City of West Allis Department of Building Inspection & Neighborhood Services
7525 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis, WI  53213
Phone: (414) 302-8400
Fax: (414)302-8402

Window replacement for West Allis residences

Some of Infinity Exteriors' window installation projects in West Allis:

Average Window Replacement Cost in West Allis

The average West Allis home is assumed to have 13 medium, double-hung windows. Based on this standard, the average cost of a full window replacement job in West Allis can range from $7,800 - $22,646. The average prices of a standard, double-hung window framed in each of these materials for the whole house are as follows:

Window Frame Material


Vinyl $7,800 to $12,870
Premium Vinyl $10,400 to $17,160
Fiberglass $11,440 to $22,646
Wood Call for a quote
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