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Infinity Roofing builds the most reliable roofs in Whitefish Bay and throughout Wisconsin. Explore our completed projects nearby and ask your neighbors how we did. Infinity is the biggest installer of warrantied roofs in the Midwest because people consistently recommend us. We guarantee every job 100% and WILL beat the price of any Whitefish Bay roofing contractor.

Infinity delivers warrantied, guaranteed quality on every job:

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Fox6Now news footage shows Infinity Roofing uncovering a nightmare “roofing” job in Pleasant Prairie.

This family's "roof" was more of a "code violation with shingles" or "a gable-shaped mold growth."

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Oconomowoc Roof Repair and Construction

Infinity’s Oconomowoc roofing project locations

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Whitefish Bay Roofing Contractors

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is a 2.4 square mile village along Lake Michigan, known in the late 1800’s as the perfect resort to visit on hot summer days.  In 1892 after the resort popularity faded the area was incorporated and became the Village of Whitefish Bay.  In 2012, the Village became a Bird City of Wisconsin member showing its dedication to protect and manage green space, educate citizens and to make urban areas friendlier for both birds and the people who live and work nearby. Infinity Exteriors takes pride in being able to serve this community.

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Infinity Exteriors has been an integral part of Whitefish Bay neighborhoods since 2008 supplying new construction and replacement roofs for many homes and business near you.  Your neighbors use Infinity Exteriors for all their exterior home maintenance needs. Word of mouth is our best advertisement!

We provide the highest caliber exterior home maintenance. Not only are we the best roofing contractors in town, we do vinyl and aluminum siding installation and repair, spray foam insulation, new windows and doors and chimney flashing. Our estimators conduct a FULL evaluation and detail the best way to keep your home looking its finest. Infinity Roofing offers flexible payment plans that keep your project on-budget no matter the magnitude.

Residential Roofing in Whitefish Bay

No matter how nice the interior of your home is, potential buyers see the exterior first. Rather than find out massive repairs are needed before closing a sale, keep up with roof maintenance to continually add to your home’s value. Infinity Roofing has the best warranty in the industry, including yearly inspections and other maintenance plans. Our experienced residential roofing contractors work with a variety of materials, including:

Whitefish Bay Commercial Roofing Professionals

Business owners in Whitefish Bay turn to Infinity Exteriors for affordable commercial roofing. Add value to your business with durable, energy efficient flat roof systems installed by the best contractors in the business. The experts at Infinity Exteriors install:

Warrantied Roof Repairs in Whitefish Bay

Infinity Exteriors employs the best roofing contractors around. No job is too big, or too small. Rather than purchasing a shingle patch kit and trying to address the issue yourself, let the certified professionals of Infinity Roofing take care of the problem for you. We offer a full inspection before we do any work, allowing you to form a repair budget based around our initial estimates. The team of experienced roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors works with:

  • Deteriorated Shingles
  • Ice Damming
  • Leaky Flashing
  • Leaky Chimney
  • Leaky Roof Valley
  • Rotted Fascia Board
  • Bird & Squirrel Nesting
  • Roof Buckling

Infinity Exteriors gives you the best pricing on warrantied roof repairs in Whitefish Bay and throughout Milwaukee County. Our estimators perform a complete evaluation of your roof to determine the best repair strategy for long-term results. Every repair and installation job is backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. This means we fix any future issue with a roof we installed – quickly and at no cost to you.

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Finished Roofing & Repairs near Whitefish Bay

Our roofing contractors completed several projects for Whitefish Bay residents:

Roof installations:

Roofing Company Whitefish Bay

5075 N. Bay Ridge Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

4601 N. Sheffield Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53211

Roof Repairs:

4715 N Cramer St.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53211

5066 N. Larkin Street
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

5812 N Bay Ridge Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Siding Installation:

5940 N. Lydell Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Windows & Doors:

4627 N. Bartlett Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53211

Replacement Window, Siding, Gutters, & More for Whitefish Bay Homes & Businesses

Home in Whitefish Bay is improved drastically with a roof repair

The roof on this Whitefish Bay home was much improved by Infinity Exteriors.

Older homes seem to always have something to fix. It’s common for older homes to lack proper attic insulation, which can affect the performance of your roofing system. Infinity Exteriors provides premium home renovations in Whitefish Bay, including:

When it’s time for new roofing, repairs, insulation or all of the above, Infinity provides:

Our roofers and installation experts are highly trained full-time employees of Infinity Exteriors. No job is finished until we’ve completely cleaned up the job site and you’re thrilled with the result. When it comes to gutters, windows, siding or patio doors, we have the brands Whitefish Bay homeowners want. Infinity Roofing has the best warranty in the industry, including yearly inspections. Gutters, siding, patio doors and windows installed by meticulous professionals add even greater value, safety and efficiency to your home.

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Whitefish Bay ZIP codes served: 53211, 53217

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