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Milwaukee Roof Installation of Decra Shingle Plus

Milwaukee Roof Installation of Decra Shingle Plus

DECRA Shingle Plus roofing systems like this one are installed throughout Southeastern Wisconsin by Infinity Exteriors’ Milwaukee roofing contractors. These architecturally rich shingles are crafted from steel, ensuring optimal protection against harmful weather corrosion, UV penetration, wind damage, hail damage and unattractive fading. This high quality DECRA roofing system is backed by a 50 year limited warranty, while the Milwaukee roofing installation service provided by Infinity Exteriors is backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. With two of the industry’s leading warranties, you can be confident you’re receiving the highest quality roofing system with the finest Milwaukee roofing installation. Contact Infinity Exteriors today to learn about all of our quality Wisconsin roofing systems and superior Milwaukee roofing installation services.   


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