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Winter Roof Leak & Ice Dam Repair Near Milwaukee, Madison, & Appleton

In Wisconsin, harsh winter conditions can exacerbate roofing issues. If you're experiencing a roof leak during winter in Milwaukee, Appleton, Madison, or surrounding areas, it might be attributed to ice dams, snow accumulation, damaged shingles, or inadequate flashing. Infinity Exteriors specializes in ice dam repair in Wisconsin. Our dedicated winter roof repair team will assess your gutters and roof for ice damming and damage, offering an immediate on-site estimate.  Contact us to get started!

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4 Causes of Roof Leaks in the Winter

  1. Ice dams
    By blocking proper drainage, ice dams allow melting snow to pool on the roof. This water can then leak through cracks and gaps in roofing. 
  2. Built-up snow on the roof
    Significant snow accumulation and freezing temps create substantial weight on roofs. The added stress can cause leaks to develop.  
  3. Freeze-thaw cycles
    Frequent winter freeze-thaw in Wisconsin weakens roofing materials over time. The repeated expansion and contraction of shingles can eventually lead to leaks.
  4. Poor ventilation
    Temperature differences between attics and interiors cause condensation buildup if ventilation is inadequate. The moisture promotes mold growth and leaks.

what are ice dams?

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form along a roof’s edge, blocking the proper drainage of melting snow. Ice dams are formed by the accumulation of snow on the roof, along with heat loss from the home. This combination leads to the upper portions of the roof staying above 32°F, while the lower sections remain below freezing. Ice dams are common in Wisconsin. If you notice an ice dam or suspect one might be forming, contact Infinity Exteriors to get your roof inspected for damage. 

Common Signs you have ice damming:

  • Icicles on roof icon
    Icicles on roof
    and gutter edges
  • Built-up ice icon
    Ice buildup forming
    along exterior walls
  • Water damage icon
    Roof leaks causing
    interior water damage
  • Drainage issues icon
    Gutters failing to
    drain properly
  • Melted snow icon
    Snow melting at the
    top of your roof

Common Damage Caused by Ice Dams

Does Home Insurance Cover Ice Damage?

In most cases, homeowners insurance will provide coverage for damage caused by extreme weather events. You can file a claim for damages caused by weather-related events such as ice dams with most insurance providers in Wisconsin. However, it’s recommended to check with your specific insurance provider about the details of your policy. 

Can Roofs be Repaired or Replaced in the Winter?

Yes. Most roof repairs can be successfully performed throughout the cold Wisconsin winter months. Don’t wait until spring - contact Infinity Exteriors for a free roof repair estimate.  

How to Prevent Roof Leaks during Wisconsin Winters

Controlling heat loss from your home is the best way to prevent ice dams in Wisconsin. Depending on timing and budget, there are immediate and long-term solutions:

Immediate Action

  • Remove snow from the roof using a roof rake or push broom.
  • In situations where water has already leaked inside during emergencies, create channels in the ice dam to allow water to drain off the roof. This temporary measure effectively prevents further damage until permanent solutions are implemented.

Long-Term Prevention

  • Seal any air leaks in the ceiling to prevent the infiltration of warm indoor air into the attic space.
  • Enhance attic insulation to minimize heat transfer through the ceiling and roof.
  • Shingles serve as your roof’s primary protection against the elements, any shingle damage should be addressed through timely repairs or replacement.

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