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It's best to have at least 18 and 1/4 inches of r49 or greater insulation in your attic. If you can see your roof joists (which you can in most attics), it means you have 8 inches or less. That is why most homes form icicles in the winter.

AttiCat attic insulation

AttiCat Blown-In insulation contains millions of tiny air bubbles, which are added to the pink fiberglass insulation. This offers superior insulating properties, ensuring no heat is wasted in your attic. AttiCat Blown-In insulation is state-of-the-art technology offered by our Milwaukee, Appleton, and Madison roofing experts.

We take the time to assess your home and determine which insulation product will best optimize the efficiency of your home. All 4 seasons and the temperature extremes Southeastern Wisconsin experiences are taken into consideration. Our projects are always completed in a timely and professional manner.

Is attic insulation worth it?

Insulation of your attic is a critical aspect of your roofing system that is ignored by many roofing contractors in Milwaukee, Madison, and Appleton. Without proper insulation of your attic, heat from inside your home will leak into the attic. While this is an inefficient use of energy, the larger problem is that the wasted heat will melt the snow on your roof, run into your gutters, freeze, and create ice dams forcing water into your roof deck and walls. This greatly compromises the structural integrity of your home and will cost a lot to fix.

Keeping your attic properly insulated during the winter is important and helps prevent condensation in your attic, in addition to preventing ice dams that can damage your roof and home. Proper insulation will save you hundreds of dollars in heating and energy costs. Fill out our free estimate form to determine the cost of your attic insulation project today. 

Getting the roofing AND attic insulation done by Infinity Exteriors is a cost-effective way of making sure your entire roof system is done right. We can also help you with energy-efficient windows, siding, and other products to help you save on energy use. 

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