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AttiCat Blown-In attic insulation keeps your Wisconsin home warm through long winters

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AttiCat Insulation from Infinity Exteriors

AttiCat Blown-In attic insulation is a state-of-the-art insulation solution offering quick, clean, safe and efficient installation. AttiCat attic insulation adds millions of tiny air pockets to Pink fiberglass insulation for stronger insulating qualities.  After years in the roofing and insulation industry, our Wisconsin insulation experts have come to appreciate the high-quality design of AttiCat attic insulation.

Your attic insulation is important both for the energy efficiency and structural integrity of your home.  Even the best roof will not operate optimally without proper attic insulation. Infinity Exteriors is one of the few Wisconsin roofing contractors that takes a holistic approach to your roofing system. Our roofing contractors assess your entire home to determine the attic insulation offering you the best energy efficiency. We are also a Focus on Energy certified company - find out how we can get you a tax credit of up to $1500 for the installation of energy-efficient insulation, windows, siding and other home exterior products. Call Infinity Exteriors in Waukesha today to learn more about proper attic insulation and saving money on energy bills while protecting the structural integrity of your Appleton, Madison, or Milwaukee area home.

Prevent ice dams on your Wisconsin home

While preventing ice dams with gutter cleaning is an effective home winter preparation, proper attic insulation and ventilation are also ideal for preventing ice dams. Prevent ice dams this winter by keeping your attic temperature below the freezing point: 32°F. Keeping your attic well insulated will prevent heat in living areas below from rising and raising your attic's temperature. Seal any cracks, holes, or leaks in the attic floor and walls to prevent rising heat from raising the attic's temperature. For professional attic insulation and sealing, call the Wisconsin attic insulation experts at Infinity Exteriors.

Proper attic ventilation and limiting the use of exhaust fans are also effective measures for preventing ice dams as they keep your attic well ventilated. Ventilation will help replace any warm attic air with cold air, generally keeping the attic temperature the same as the temperature outdoors.  Having a professional attic insulation expert from Infinity Exteriors make sure your home's exhaust fans are installed at the right angles is effective in preventing ice dams. If your home's exhaust fans are causing roof ice dams, have the attic insulation expert relocate or re-aim the exhaust fans.

If you see any evidence of water damage on your ceiling, quickly find and remove any roof ice dams. Clean up the water damage immediately to prevent further damage and harm to your family's health.


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