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Milwaukee Attic Insulation with Atticat

Finding the right attic insulation for your Wisconsin home

Attic insulation cost to Wisconsin homeowners

Shop around and you could find an absurd range of prices on attic insulation. With some websites quoting a measly $400, others saying it could cost you a staggering $4,000, many homeowners ask; “How can I afford to insulate my attic?”

At Infinity Exteriors we ask: “How can you afford not to?”

Not only will expanding blown-in fiberglass insulation from Infinity Exteriors cost less per square foot than the leading expanding foam, but it will also save you thousands on energy. As a Focus on Energy certified company we help you earn up to a $1,500 tax credit when you insulate your attic.

Plus, expanding blown-in foam will cut your heating bills far more than cheaper fiberglass batts. Bundle all of this with the unbeatable lifetime warranty offered by Infinity Exteriors and you’re guaranteed to spend too much anywhere else.

Types of attic insulation

With so many types of attic insulation available, it can be difficult to find the right one. Maybe you want ultra-sustainable insulation made from rice hulls, or incredibly high-tech aerogel? Most Wisconsin homeowners choose one of three insulation materials:

Expanding foam insulation

Expanding foam insulation offers a nearly airtight seal on your attic. With an R-value of 4.3 per inch, expanding foam is one of the best attic insulators on the market. Foam will not settle, and hardens into a rigid form. It is however one of the most expensive types of attic insulation.

Fiberglass batts

An array of fiberglass batts is a common choice when insulating your attic. While fiberglass batts are a cheaper type of attic insulation, they leave gaps around the base of floor joists or in corners where heat can escape. Batts also settle over time, meaning their heat saving power will diminish. This will cost more money in the long run with repair and replacement expenses.

Expanding blown-in fiberglass

Blown-in fiberglass offers a compromise between cost-effective batts and airtight expanding foam. Blown-in fiberglass is made from shredded fiberglass insulation. This allows the loose fiberglass to expand into nooks and crannies and trap warm air batts would let escape. As an added bonus, expanding blown-in fiberglass does not contain toxic formaldehyde like fiberglass batts do.


Attic insulation requirements

According to Energy Star, an EPA program that has helped Americans save $362 billion in utility bills since 1992, an uninsulated Wisconsin attic requires a minimum of 16 inches of fiberglass insulation to be considered cost effective. Buying anything less is a waste of money. An attic with 3-4 inches of existing insulation requires 12 inches of fiberglass insulation.

Attic insulation installation

Infinity Exteriors uses AttiCat blown-in fiberglass insulation when insulating Wisconsin homes. The AttiCat system adds millions of air pockets to Pink fiberglass insulation, causing it to expand. Using a blow-in system paired with expanding insulation means we insulate every crack and crevice in your attic. This insulation system will create a better barrier than fiberglass batts, and will not settle over time.

Installing attic insulation will save you money on heating costs and add to the resale value of your home. Proper insulation also protects your roof from dangerous ice dam buildups. Attic insulation from Infinity Exteriors is the smart choice for Wisconsin residents looking to protect their homes.

We serve customers throughout Wisconsin including Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, and their surrounding areas.

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