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Our Madison roofing contractors use the industry’s best materials to provide high-quality roofing solutions for homes throughout Dane county. All roofing projects completed by our team are covered by our lifetime workmanship warranty - covering your roof for the duration of its life. Visit our free online roof cost calculator or contact us today for a free roofing quote.

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Roofing services we offer in Madison

We offer roof repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation services for homes in the Madison area. All roofing systems installed by Infinity use the best materials within your budget. If a competitor offers a comparable roofing service at a lower price than ours, we will match it. We know the timing of roofing projects isn’t always the best, so we offer roof financing plans allowing you to pay at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Choose from 3 asphalt roofing systems:

We offer a variety of roofing options with different color options at a range of price points. Certainteed asphalt shingles are amongst the most popular roofing brands preferred by Madison homeowners. Not a fan of CertainTeed shingles? No problem. We have plenty of other roofing options to choose from. Browse our roof project gallery to find inspiration or contact us today to learn more.





Our Madison roofing contractors meet the following criteria:

  • Fully licensed by the state of Wisconsin. Able to obtain all necessary city and state roofing permits for you.
  • Full liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect YOU.
  • Full lifetime warranty on materials and installation of your roof.
  • Installation methods meet manufacturer standards: proper ventilation, full-length ice and water barrier (3-5’, depending on the house), and proper installation of shingles.
  • Provide a lien waiver to move liability for materials payment from you to the roofing contractor
  • AttiCat certified installer of attic insulation for energy efficiency and full prevention of ice damming.
  • Perfect record with the Better Business Bureau – The BBB gets more complaints about roofing contractors during roofing season than any other industry – Infinity Exteriors of Madison has yet to receive a single complaint because we address all issues.

How much will a new roof cost me in Madison?

The average cost of a new roof is determined by the size of the roof, the material used and the complexity of the installation. We offer a multitude of financing options to find a monthly payment that works for you. For a median-sized house in Madison expect to pay:

  • $8,000-$13,000 for asphalt shingles
  • $14,000-$22,750 for designer asphalt
  • $24,000-$39,000 for metal or cedar shake

The Best Roofing Materials for Madison


Asphalt is the #1 roofing material used for residential buildings in the United States. Asphalt shingles are durable and offer high-quality protection for your home. They are the most economical option and come in a variety of colors to perfectly complement your home.

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Best Warranty in the roofing industry

Every Infinity roof is covered by our exclusive lifetime workmanship warranty:

  • Ensures the manufacturer’s warranty remains VALID with perfect installation to exact manufacturer specifications (9 out of 10 new roofs installed today can’t pass a simple warranty inspection due to shoddy workmanship which VOIDS the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty covers the duration of the product’s life
  • Over 20,000 warrantied roofs in SE Wisconsin

A warranty like Infinity's would BANKRUPT the average roofer by sheer volume of free roof repairs. Infinity’s roofing-industry-best warranty thrives because mistakes are vanishingly rare and remedied without hesitation at a cost of 0 dollars and 0 cents to the customer. You’ll pay nothing and receive the best customer service LONG after you have paid us for the project.

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Residential roofing services

Infinity Exteriors installs residential roofs all across Madison and throughout Dane County. We construct asphalt roofs using only top-quality asphalt shingles from CertainTeed, DaVinci, GAF, and Decra. All of our residential roofing materials are guaranteed for 30+ years or have a limited lifetime warranty backed by our 100% workmanship warranty.

Contact us today at 608-609-6362 to get a free estimate on residential roofing in Madison.

Residential Roofing Info

Commercial roofing services

Infinity provides waterproof, durable and energy-efficient roofs made with TPO and EPDM roofing products in Madison. For our flat roofs, we use only the best materials from manufacturers GAF, Verisco and Mulehide. Every commercial roof installed by Infinity comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty and free yearly inspections to make sure the warranty stays valid. You don’t pay us until you are completely satisfied with our workmanship.

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Emergency roof repair

Infinity provides emergency roof repair services for all types of roof repairs including, leaks, deterioration and ice dams for residential and commercial roofs. Our roofing contractors are expert repairmen and serve the Madison community. We even repair roofs installed by other contractors with the qualifications to make repairs under manufacturer warranties.

Contact us for a free estimate on residential and commercial roof repairs.

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No roofing job is too big, small or specialized

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my Madison roof needs to be replaced?

Some signs that your roof may need to be replaced include missing or damaged shingles, leaks, and a significant amount of moss or algae growth. A professional roofing inspection can also determine if a replacement is necessary.

How long does it take to install a roof in Madison?

The installation time for a new roof can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as weather conditions. On average, it can take anywhere from one to several days to complete the installation of a new roof.

How do I know if my Madison roof needs to be replaced?

There are several signs that your roof may need to be replaced, such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks or water damage, sagging or warping, and excessive granules in the gutter system. It’s also a good idea to have a professional inspect your roof every few years to check for any potential issues.

Is it necessary to remove the old roof before installing a new one in Madison?

In most cases, the old roof will need to be removed before a new one can be installed. This is to ensure that the new roof is properly installed and that any potential issues with the old roof, such as leaks or rotting, are addressed.

How can I maintain my new roof to prolong its lifespan?

Proper maintenance is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your new roof. This includes regular inspections, cleaning gutters and downspouts, trimming overhanging tree branches, and promptly addressing any issues or damage that are discovered. Additionally, consider regular cleaning of the roof and moss or algae treatments for preventing moss or algae growth.

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