Cedar Wood Shingles for Milwaukee Homes

Cedar Wood Shingles for Milwaukee Homes

Long-Lasting Wood Roofing Materials

Cedar wood shingles are a natural way to give your home a classic look. Additionally, cedar is durable and incredibly beautiful. Infinity Exteriors contractors have even installed cedar shingles on historic and modern homes across southeast Wisconsin.

Cedar Shingles in MilwaukeeCedar Wood Compared to Other Roofing Materials

Cedar has a natural durability and strength making it equal to asphalt and stone shingle options. Compared to other woods, cedar has a greater resistance to rot from moisture. However, occasional maintenance will still be needed to protect the wood.

Wood shingles give homes a timeless appearance and can match any style. The natural grain of the cedar is attractive without additional staining. Like all wood, the color of the shingles can be changed with a stain application.

Go Green with Cedar

Cedar is a great insulator for Wisconsin homes. Whether it is hot or cold outside, a cedar roof will keep the air inside comfortable. Steady temperatures indoors will lead to a lower energy bill.

Cedar is an incredibly reliable wood. A cedar roof installed by Infinity Exteriors will last for years without warping or cracking. Like all wood shingles, cedar is recyclable and biodegradable once it is removed from the roof. The shingles won’t wind up in a landfill for decades.

Shingles made from cedar are harvested from certified sustainable forests, another benefit for the environment.

Cedar Shingles from Infinity Exteriors

The right roof needs the right installers. Infinity Exteriors has expert installations of roofing material, gutters, siding, and more. We will keep your cedar wood roof in great shape for years and years through our full replacement costs lifetime guarantee.

Infinity Roofing offers free repair estimates, competitive pricing, and transparent costs. Other roofing contractors in Wisconsin wish they could do what we do! Our company HQ and showrooms are in the Milwaukee Metro area and we’ve roofed more Wisconsin homes and businesses than anyone else!

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