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Your roof can suffer damage without warning, don’t wait for small issues to become major leaks. Infinity Exteriors conducts expert roof repairs in Wisconsin to restore your roof’s protective integrity. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and roof repair estimate.

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  Roof Repair Projects in Wisconsin
Appleton Roof Repair 4.7 94 Reviews
Madison Roof Repair 4.9 127 Reviews
Milwaukee Roof Repair 4.7 1,230 Reviews

Trusted Residential Roof Repair Services in Wisconsin

For over 25 years, Infinity Exteriors has been Wisconsin’s trusted leader in roof repairs. Whether it’s a small roof repair or a major project, our repair experts have the skills to fix any roof damage or deterioration. We serve  Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee, and all surrounding areas.

Signs A Roof Repair is Needed

Milwaukee area roof repair contractors

Cracked, curled, or missing shingles Damaged shingles are clear warning signs. Issues with your shingles reduce your roof’s integrity and should be repaired immediately.

Roof leak repair services in Wisconsin

Leaks or Interior Water Stains Water stains or leaks inside your home indicate serious roof damage and require immediate attention.

Shingle repair and replacement for Wisconsin homes

Worn Shingle Granules Excess asphalt shingle granules in your gutters or on the ground signal excessive wear and tear to your roof and compromise your roof’s UV protection.

Residential roof replacement services in Milwaukee

Spiking Energy Bills A sudden increase in energy costs may point to insulation issues stemming from a damaged roof.

Southeastern Wisconsin ice dam removal and roof repair

Ice Damming Icicles and ice dams, especially along the roof’s edge, allow melted snow to seep under shingles and create leaks.

Madison area roof repair services

Rotted Fascia Icicles and ice dams, especially along the roof’s edge, allow melted snow to seep under shingles and create leaks.

Residential roof repair and replacement in Wisconsin

Rusted Flashing Corroded roof flashing can’t effectively seal joints and entry points. Repair roof flashing to renew waterproofing and prevent leaks.

Common Causes of Roof Damage in Wisconsin

Unpredictable Wisconsin weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Storm damage often leads to leaks, interior water damage, and even roof collapses. Stay ahead of potential disasters in Wisconsin by being aware of these top causes of roof damage.

Roof repair services for wind damage in Wisconsin

Wind: Powerful winds can lift roofing shingles or flashing and compromise roof integrity. Loose or missing roof components require fast action to prevent leaks and further damage.

Roof repair for hail damage to Milwaukee roof

Hail: Large hailstones can dent and crack shingles. Impact damage can lead to openings for water intrusion unless promptly inspected and repaired.

Roof maintenance company preventing leaks in Wisconsin

Heavy Rain: Intense rainstorms overload roof drainage systems, allowing water to pool and form leaks. Regular maintenance ensures your roof can handle periods of heavy rainfall and shed water properly.

Roof repairs for ice damage on Milwaukee home

Ice: Freezing Wisconsin winters lead to ice dam formation, blocking drainage and forcing water under shingles. Promptly addressing ice buildup prevents roof decay and interior water damage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repairs in Wisconsin?

Homeowner’s insurance will usually cover damage due to circumstances outside of your control, such as storms, fires, or other natural disasters. However, insurance typically won’t pay for repairs due to normal wear and tear, aging, or improper installation. Coverage varies, review your homeowners' insurance policy or contact your insurer for specific information on coverage for a damaged roof.

Common Insurance Claims for Roof Damage

Roof repairs following storms are one of the most common homeowners insurance claims. According to the Insurance Information Institute, wind and hail damage made up 39.4% of all homeowners claims in 2021. Between 2017-2021, the average insurance payout for storm-related roof repairs was $12,714. The leading causes of homeowners claims in 2021 were wind/hail damage, fire/lightning, water/ice damage, and other property damage respectively.

Damage CauseInsurance Claims Filed (% in 2021)Claim Payout (USD)
Wind & Hail 39.4% $5,000 - $15,000
Fire & Lightning 24.8% $30,000 - $50,000
Water Damage & Ice 23.5% $5,000 - $10,000
Other Damages 10.1% $2,000 - $10,000

Roof leak repair in Wisconsin What to do if your roof is leaking

Don’t let a leaking roof cause further damage to your Wisconsin home. The professional roof leak repair technicians at Infinity Exteriors are ready to quickly identify and fix roof leaks for Wisconsin homes.

  1. Carefully locate the source of the leak and look for water trails on the ceilings and walls.
  2. Place buckets or containers under dripping areas to catch water and prevent interior flooding.
  3. Cover outlets and relocate any valuables, furniture, and electronics away from leak locations.
  4. Take photos and videos of all leak damages for insurance and repair documentation.

Once onsite, our technicians will pinpoint the cause of the leak and make any necessary roof repairs to stop the water intrusion. We use top-quality materials and advanced techniques to provide long-lasting roof leak repairs you can rely on. Don’t delay - contact the roof leak repair professionals at Infinity Exteriors today.

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5 Stars on Google

The Milwaukee roofing crew arrived per schedule and finished the complete roof repair job in one day. The installers were professional and did a good job installing and cleaning up. We are pleased with the job.


5 Stars on Google

We would use this company again and highly recommend it to others. Signed proposal on 5/14/08 and roof was installed on 5/29/08. The very professional crew was polite and courteous at all times. They worked from early morning until 6:30 PM. They even nailed down loose shingles on our decorative wish...

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5 Stars on Google

To Joshua Sparks, Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our new roof Infinity installed on our home. Your (Milwaukee roofing) workmen were very courteous and installed everything just the way we wanted it. They cleaned up everything after they finished. Thanks for the great job you did, ea...

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Ali and Brian

5 Stars on Google

We are so happy with the job your company did. The entire process was easy because of the communication with MJ and Julia. The crew started early and worked late (seemed to on our end) to finish it all in the day. They went the extra step to cover and protect our yard and clean up after including of...

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