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Silicone Roofing Systems for commercial buildings in Milwaukee

Silicone Coating Protects Your Roof from Wisconsin Weather

Your Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof is engineered to save your business money on energy costs. A fluid-applied silicone coating protects your investment by prolonging the life and increasing the effectiveness of your SPF roof. When applied correctly, your SPF roof can last around 30 years, needing only a couple recoats of silicone to keep it at peak performance.

Pros of silicone coating for your Wisconsin roof

Fluid-applied silicone coating is one of the top choices for SPF roof sealants. Exceptionally waterproof, silicone is the ideal coating for flat roofs needing to endure standing water for multiple days at a time. Whether your building is facing melting snow or summer rainfall, silicone coating applied by our expert roofers protects your business from Wisconsin weather.

Additionally, silicone coating is excellent for Wisconsin roofs because it can be applied in a wider range of temperatures and cures quickly, completing your roofing project faster.

Cons of fluid-applied silicone

When determining if fluid-applied silicone coating is the best option for your Appleton, Madison, or Milwaukee area business, there are a few potential issues to consider. Due to its waterproof capabilities, silicone coating can hold water for an extended period of time, preventing it from leaking into your Wisconsin business. This means it can also hold dirt and other debris, potentially affecting the aesthetics of your roof. Additionally, holding water can cause silicone to wear, resulting in a need for recoating.

Infinity Exteriors guarantees all of our professionally installed roofs with a 30-year warranty. Your warranty includes free annual roof inspections, allowing our silicone experts to assess the need for recoating. With its fast cure rate and easy reapplication, Infinity Exteriors will have your roof back to its best in no time.

How much does silicone coating cost?

The cost of silicone coating depends largely on the size of your SPF roof and the thickness with which the coating is applied. Additional factors, such as how much work is needed to properly prepare the substrate, also influence the overall cost.

Our roofers have more than 20 years of experience installing high-quality roofs and fluid-applied roofing systems all over Wisconsin.

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