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Most windows are "medium" UI ? To get Unit Inches (UI) just add the height and width of the window. Measure from the jamb (The edge of the frame, not the edge of the glass)

Double hung window installation & replacement cost estimates

Double Hung

Slider windows price estimates in Wisconsin


Casement window installation costs in the Milwaukee area


Awning window price quote for Wisconsin homes


Twin casement cost estimates

Twin Casement

Triple casement widnow installation costs

Triple Casements

Picture window replacement and installtion estimates


3 lite bay window costs for Wisconsin homes

3 Lite Bay/Bow

4 lite bay window installation prices

4 Lite Bay/Bow

Average window installation cost in Wisconsin

The cost of replacement window installation varies from house to house. The average Wisconsin home is assumed to have 8 medium, double-hung windows. Based on this standard, the average cost of a full window replacement job in Wisconsin can range from $4,700-$8,000.

Factors of window installation cost

There are multiple factors that affect the overall cost of a window installation project, including:

Depending on how you mix and match these variables to custom-fit your home, the cost of your window installation will change. Infinity is proud to offer a variety of windows from top-of-the-line brands such as Pella, Marvin, and the Infinity Brilliance window so our customers can select the perfect windows for their needs.

Window installation cost by type

Window pricing is heavily dependent on the type of window you are looking for. For example, the most common double-hung window is less expensive than larger, more complex windows such as casement, bay, or bow windows. Below is a chart listing the average price ranges for the most common window types. These price ranges are based on standard vinyl-framed windows. Prices can vary even more if you opt for higher-grade window frame materials.

Window TypeCost
Double Hung/Slider Windows $500 to $1,300
Picture Windows $500 to $1,300
Casement/Awning Windows $650 to $1,600
Twin Casement Windows $1,100 to $2,850
Triple Casement Windows $1,500 to $3,400
3 Lite Bay/Bow Windows $3,000 to $6,100
4 Lite Bay/Bow Windows $4,000 to $7,600

Cost by window frame material

You are not just paying for the glass when you buy a window. You are also paying for the frame that surrounds the glass pane. Window frames can be made from many different materials, but Infinity offers four of the most common types: vinyl, premium vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. The average prices of a standard, double-hung window framed in each of these materials are as follows:

Window Frame MaterialPrice Per Window
Vinyl $600 to $1,100
Premium Vinyl $800 to $1,400
Fiberglass $850 to $1,850
Wood Call for a quote

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