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Commercial and residential roof installation contractors near Fond Du Lac

Residential & Commercial Roofing in Fond Du Lac

Residential homes require a roof replacement around every 20 years. If your home was built in the 1990s, it is due for a roof upgrade.

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Fond Du Lac residential & commercial roof contractors

Fond Du Lac is located just south of Lake Winnebago and is a large community for the area with a lot of culture. With homes dating back to the 1800s, there will be some older homes in need of roof replacement and maintenance.

Infinity Exteriors are experts in Wisconsin roof work. Experienced in working with a variety of roofing types and materials, we are ready to help with your renovation. No matter the material we are working with, one thing is consistent: the quality of our roofs. Our contractors can help you find the perfect shingle style, color, and material from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Residential roofing projects in Fond Du Lac

Fond Du Lac is one of our favorite places to work and we are excited to complete more projects in this area. We have installed roofing, siding, and window replacements in Fond Du Lac. Infinity Exteriors has no doubt you will want to get your roof looking pristine and keep your home clean. Your neighbors will be jealous in no time.

Infinity Roofing can help with your roof renovation to increase the value of your home and your quality of living. Fond Du Lac homeowners can choose from our roofing options.

Asphalt roofing options:

Premium roofing options:

Commercial roofing in Fond Du Lac

Infinity Exteriors contractors work with Fond Du Lac businesses to install and maintain commercial flat roofing systems. Business owners can invest in their property with the best roofing installation in Wisconsin, including materials like:

Infinity Exteriors has a full 50 point inspection after installation to assure our job is well done. If there are ever any issues discovered during our inspection we will make it right for no additional cost. In all of our time as a company, we have never received a single Better Business Bureau complaint.


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Fond Du Lac Roof Building Inspector

Do you need a permit for a new roof in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin?

Yes, you’re required to get a building permit for any exterior renovations in Fond Du Lac. Even if you are just adding another layer of shingles. You should be aware that Wisconsin State Code allows a maximum of two layers of shingles. For your convenience, the City of Fond Du Lac website has a printable building permit application.

For questions and correspondence:

City of Fond Du Lac Building Inspection
160 S Macy St, Fond Du Lac, WI 54935
Phone: (920) 322-3570

Hire Infinity Roofing! We’ll take care of the permit.

There is already so much to deal with when constructing a new roof. We can take one thing off of your plate. There is no need to get a permit yourself. We can handle pulling the permit and taking care of inspections by the Building Inspection Department once all everything is taken care of.

Roof repairs & free estimates in Fond Du Lac

Infinity doesn't just solve short-term problems. A patch may solve your problem right now, but it will not last. We perform a comprehensive inspection of a roof to make sure it is weather secure and safe. If your roof is fairly new it may not require a new roof installation, but roof repairs and upkeep are very important. Weather and time can do more damage to your roof than what meets the eye. Our residential and commercial roofing contractors can fix:

There are no better options for warrantied roof repairs than Infinity Exteriors. Our roofing cost estimators perform a detailed evaluation to determine what is the best way to repair your roof with long-term results. We offer Wisconsin's best roofing finance options. Lifetime warranties are standard on every repair and installation job. If anything ever goes wrong, we will fix any problem quickly and at no cost. Infinity will conduct roof installation, repairs, and insulation services, which all include:

Average roof installation cost in Fond Du Lac (by material)

Material Cost
Asphalt $10,468 - $11,957
Cedar Wood $31,405 - $62,775
Designed Asphalt $18,320 - $20,925
Metal $31,405 - $62,775

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