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Roof and shingle removal and installation service in Grafton, Wisconsin

Residential & Commercial Roofing in Grafton

Installing a new roof in Grafton raises the value and curb appeal of your home and keeps it safe from harsh weather. Infinity offers the best pricing on warrantied roof installs and repairs in Grafton.

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Roofing contractors for Grafton

Just southwest of Milwaukee, the city of Grafton is a quiet community filled with several parks and dozens of homes that range from antique to brand new. Older homes in the area add to the city’s charm, but they also require regular maintenance, including the roof!

Infinity Exteriors’ roofing contractors have professional experience with all types of roofing systems and durable materials. Our roof installation team installs reliable roofs, in keeping with the style and structure of your home. We can assist you in choosing the right shingle style and color, and only use shingles and coatings from top manufacturers.

Infinity roofing installs, repairs, and warranties residential & commercial roofs

Grafton roof repair by Infinity should be the first and only place to call because we offer a lifetime warranty to all of your customers. Other roofing companies offer warranties only covering materials or cost of installation, but Infinity has the best warranty in the Grafton area. Once we complete a project, our commitment to your home is far from over. We guarantee the lifetime warranty of our products and we will replace them if they ever fail because of our doing. Once the project is over, a 50-point inspection is completed so you know every detail about your home's improvement.      

Our estimators perform a detailed evaluation to determine the best way to repair your roof for long-term results. We then offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs. We also provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on every repair or installation job - we fix any future issue with a roof we installed, quickly, and at no extra cost.

Asphalt roofing options:


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Do you need a permit for a new roof in Grafton, Wisconsin?

The village of Grafton does require property owners to have a building permit before replacing an old roof. There is a permit process on their website.

For questions and correspondence:

Grafton Village Hall
860 Badger Circle, Grafton, WI 53024
Phone: (262) 375-5305 Fax:(262) 375-5312

Hire Infinity Roofing and we’ll take care of the permit.

If Infinity installs your roof, you have no need to worry about dealing with permits. We take care of the whole process, leaving you to focus on other things.

Finished roofing projects in Grafton

Infinity Exteriors completed several roofing projects for residents in Grafton:

  • Grafton Residence
    1627 N Pine Street, Grafton WI 53024
  • Grafton Residence
    1855 Blackhawk Drive, Grafton WI 53024
  • Grafton Residence
    1919 16th Avenue, Grafton WI 53024

Grafton ZIP codes served: 53024, 53025

Schedule professional roof inspection before water damage gets worse

Infinity Roofing has heard the story plenty of times. You're outside working on a project and you notice a problem with your roof.  Once an inspection is completed, many homeowners are shocked to find out the problem is much, much worse. By the time you recognize a problem, the damage is much deeper than you can imagine. The unfortunate part about roofing problems is the longer it goes unnoticed the longer it has to create damage.  Each winter and rainfall could be the start of serious damage on the top of the home so allow Infinity Roofing to protect your home from a roofing disaster.   

Protect a Grafton home with roofing services 

In the simplest terms, moisture will build up in a crack or leak in the roof and that is the start of the damage. This creates a safety hazard for a family home and in the worst cases can cause roof collapse. Before things reach this point, Infinity roofing can replace or repair a roof in the Grafton community and ensure long-term safety. Our years of experience in the Ozaukee area allow us to understand water damage gives a roofless strength and the moisture will find its way deep into the home.  

Once the water has entered the home and it goes unchecked, a dangerous situation can also occur. Water-logged drywall and insulation in attics is a breeding ground for mold. This has the potential to risk the health of any residents living in a moldy home.

Roof repair adds value to your home and saves money

Another typical complaint our customers express is the recent increase in home energy bills without any real explanation. We find the easiest answer is when moisture floods the roof, walls or insulation, a home cannot maintain the desired temperature. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning must work double-time because either cool or hot air escapes through wet walls and insulation. This drives energy bills higher and ends up costing a homeowner much more in the long run.

Infinity provides roofing, repairs, and insulation services, which all include:

Average roof installation cost in Grafton (by material)

Material Cost
Asphalt $10,140 - $15,069
Cedar Wood $30,419 - $45,208
Designed Asphalt $17,744 - $26,372
Metal $30,419 - $45,208

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