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Try our free Wisconsin roof cost calculator to estimate roof replacement prices for asphalt shingles, designer asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and cedar shake roofing. Select your roof's structure, steepness, and approximate size to get an estimated roof replacement cost. When you're ready to talk with a Wisconsin roofing contractor, click the "Free Estimate" button to get the real price! 

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Asphalt shingles are a durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing system

Asphalt Shingles

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America’s favorite, bang for buck, aesthetically pleasing roofing system.

Roofing Upgrades:

Designer asphalt shingles allow for unique looks and greater durability and color options

Designer Asphalt

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Metal roofing is very durable and comes in a wide variety of styles including slate-look and shake-look options


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Cedar shake or composite roofing is a classic look, durable, and long-lasting

Cedar Shake

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How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Wisconsin?

The average Wisconsin new roof cost is between $8,000 and $20,000. Roof costs depend on the roof size, roofing materials, and roof architecture. The cost of a new roof in Wisconsin will also depend on the Wisconsin roofing contractor you work with. Materials, workmanship quality, and warranty are some of the biggest differentiators in cost and quality. Other common variables roofers in Wisconsin consider when quoting a roof include:

roof installation price based on size of roof Size of your roof
roof installation price based on slope of roof Slope of your roof
roof installation price based on season Time of year
roof installation price based on type of roof Type of roof

Average roof replacement cost in your area

Roof replacement costs are based on the average home square footage in each Wisconsin city - prices reflect asphalt shingle costs (~$4.36 - $8.36 per sq/ft). To determine the most accurate cost estimate for your Wisconsin home, fill out our roof price calculator (above), or contact our roofing contractors.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 2,770,815 housing units in Wisconsin as of 2022. Roughly 67.4% (1,867,530) of homes in Wisconsin are owner-occupied. The median value of all owner-occupied homes in Wisconsin is approximately $200,400. With an average roof replacement cost of $8,000 - $20,000, the roof of a median-sized home in Wisconsin accounts for roughly 3.9% - 9.9% of the home's total value.

Cost per city
roofing contractor installing roof

How roof material and size affect your cost

The size and type of roof on your home or building are the largest factors affecting cost. Asphalt shingles are a popular choice due to their appearance and lower cost. If you're looking to upgrade your roofing to metal, it will on average cost 2.5 times more than asphalt. Fancier roofs such as composite or chedar shake can cost up to 3 times more. Most material are priced by square footage, so larger roofs will cost more regardless of materials.

Average roof replacement costs by roof material type:

Asphalt $6,000 - $12,000 Asphalt Roof replacement Cost
Metal $15,000 - $30,000 metal roof replacement cost
Cedar Shake $18,000 - $36,000 cedar shake roof replacement cost

Average roof replacement costs by roof square foot:

Roof Square FootageRoof Cost
800 Sq. ft $5,000 - $15,000
1,000 Sq. ft $6,250 - $18,750
1,100 Sq. ft $7,953 - $23,859
1,200 Sq. ft $8,676 - $26,028
1,300 Sq. ft $9,399 - $28,197
1,400 Sq. ft $10,122 - $30,366
Roof Square FootageRoof Cost
1,500 Sq. ft $10,845 - $32,535
1,750 Sq. ft $12,372 - $37,117
2,000 Sq. ft $14,140 - $42,420
2,200 Sq. ft $15,554 - $46,662
2,500 Sq. ft $17,675 - $53,025
3,000 Sq. ft $21,300 - $63,900

How much does a 2,200 sq ft roof cost to replace in Wisconsin?

The cost of replacing a 2,200 sq ft roof is $15,554 - $46,662 in Wisconsin. The average square footage of a Wisconsin home is 1,750 sq ft, under the national average of 2,273 sq ft.

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cost of different roof layers

The cheapest roofing material: asphalt shingles

The cheapest roofing material is asphalt, averaging approximately $6.54 per square foot. However, price is not always an indicator of quality or roof longevity. The choice of both shingle brand and roofing installer significantly influences the overall quality of your roof.

The most expensive roofing material: metal roofing

The most expensive roofing material is metal, with an average cost of $19.62 per square foot. Despite its higher cost, opting for metal roofing offers a host of advantages, including extended durability, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and a potential increase in property appraisal value. Material choice isn't the sole indicator of roof quality; the brand and installation precision of the metal roofing are key for long-term performance.

How has the cost of roofing changed over time?

Since the early 1980s, the cost of roof materials have increased an average of $10 per square foot due to inflation. The largest increase in roof material costs occurred in 2008-2009 when prices increased by approximately 37.2%

Other factors impacting roof replacement cost

roof steepness cost factor icon
Roof steepness

The slop angle of your roof will affect the cost. When steep slopes requrie the use of extra safety equipment, this increases the time, and subsequent price, of roofing installation. As an example, an average size open gable roof with steep slopes costs around $1,250-$2,500 more than a flat, walkable roof of similar size.

seasonal roof replacement cost icon
Season of the year

Typically the best times for replacing your roof are in the spring, fall, or early winter. Summer is considered the busiest time for roof replacement, with msot roofing jobs increasing in price by 5-15%.

How to get a new roof for free

Some options for getting a new roof for free include:

Apply for a grant Grants are available from various government agencies and non-profit organizations. Eligibility criteria for grants may include factors like income level, location, and the purpose of the roof replacement. It's important to research and identify specific grant opportunities in your area and review their application requirements.

Enter a roof giveaway Some roofing companies, such as Infinity Exteriors in Wisconsin, run promotions and contests that allow members of their local communities to participate and potentially win a free roof. It's worth checking if there are any ongoing giveaways.

File an insurance claim If your roof has been damaged by a covered peril, such as a storm, fire, or other insurable event, you can file a claim with your homeowners' insurance. Ensure you understand your insurance policy's terms and coverage limitations before filing a claim. It may be necessary to document the damage with photos and provide estimates for repairs from qualified roofing contractors.

How much does a roof repair cost in Wisconsin

The cost of a roof repair in Wisconsin will depend on the size and type of repair, along with the area of the roof and the material needing to be fixed. The average roof repair in Wisconsin can cost as little as $200 or more than $3,000. The longer roof damage goes without being addressed, the worse the damage will be - causing the repair cost to increase over time. When roofs get left untreated for long enough, the damage could become irreversible and may require a full roof replacement.

What goes into quoting a roof repair?

There are several key factors that determine the cost of a roof repair. Every case is different, but there are common variables to keep in mind so you know what to expect:

roof replacement cost based on size of repair
Size of Repair

The bigger the damaged area, the more the repair is likely to cost. Common roof repairs like missing or damaged shingles can cost around $10 per square foot to repair (not including labor costs).

roof replacement cost based on type of repair
Type of Repair

Common repairs like leaks may cost only a few hundred dollars. Larger scale damage like holes, roof decay, or warping will require the repair contractor to fix more complicated areas of the roof like the underlayment and/or decking, boosting the cost.

cost of roof replacement cost based on type of materials
Type of Materials

Roof repair costs will vary depending on the material being repaired. On average, repairs to an asphalt roof will cost less than repairs on a metal roof, for example.

roof replacement cost based on roof structure
Roof Structure

Roof height, shape, and pitch will all impact the price of roof repair. Steeper, more complex roofs require an extra level of precision and safety that often come with longer repair times, increasing the price of the repair.

Every roof repair is unique, so the best way to determine the cost of your repair is to contact a roofing repair contractor to get a free estimate

Average Roof Repair Costs by Damage Type

Roof Leak Repair Costs
Shingle Repair Costs
Damaged Flashing Repair Costs
Storm Damage Roof Repair Costs
roof leak repair cost

Roof Leak Repair Costs

Roof leaks requiring minor repairs such as replacing faulty nails or a pipe boot can cost between $300 and $500. More major repairs like leaking skylights or soffit/fascia replacement can be upwards of $500-$2,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

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