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Metal roof replaced with asphalt shingles on Southeast Wisconsin home

Wisconsin roof replacement companyMilwaukee, Madison, and Appleton’s local roof replacement contractor

We’re the top-rated and most-awarded roof replacement company in Wisconsin. With more than 20,000 completed jobs and an A+ rating with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, we’re the top choice for complete roof replacements in Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox Valley. Best of all, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all roof replacements. Contact us for a free quote.

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Why Infinity is Wisconsin’s top choice for local roof replacement

Infinity is Wisconsin homeowners’ top choice for roof replacements, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 10 years in a row and currently hold an A+ rating with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, without a single negative mark in 10+ years. Wisconsin chooses Infinity because:

  • We are certified, awarded roof replacement contractors
  • We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty
  • We offer free roof replacement quotes
  • We conduct free yearly roof inspections
  • We offer fast and friendly customer service


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Best Warranty in the roofing industry

Every Infinity roof is covered by our exclusive lifetime workmanship warranty:

  • Ensures the manufacturer’s warranty remains VALID with perfect installation to exact manufacturer specifications (9 out of 10 new roofs installed today can’t pass a simple warranty inspection due to shoddy workmanship which VOIDS the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty covers the duration of the product’s life
  • Over 20,000 warrantied roofs in SE Wisconsin

A warranty like Infinity's would BANKRUPT the average roofer by sheer volume of free roof repairs. Infinity’s roofing-industry-best warranty thrives because mistakes are vanishingly rare and remedied without hesitation at a cost of 0 dollars and 0 cents to the customer. You’ll pay nothing and receive the best customer service LONG after you have paid us for the project.

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The roof replacement process

  1. Free inspection: Our roofing contractors will inspect your roof to determine its current condition and recommend the best next steps.
  2. Explore your options: Once the inspection is complete, you'll meet with our team to discuss the results and the best path forward. You'll be presented with a collection of options including roof brands, materials, and styles that fit your preferences and budget.
  3. Free quotes: Based on your preferences and budget, our team will provide you with a free quote outlining the costs of materials and labor required for the job.
  4. Schedule: After you've selected the details of your project, we will schedule your roof replacement at a time that’s convenient for you. You'll be provided with a timeline, so you’ll know what to expect during the process.
  5. Roof tear-off: On the day of the scheduled replacement, the old roof will be removed and any damaged or rotted wood will be replaced.
  6. Roof installation: After the tear-off, our team will install your new roof, following all regulations and code requirements. The installation process can take one or a few days, depending on the size of your roof.
  7. Meticulous clean-up: Once the installation is complete, the team will clean up the area, ensuring all debris (including nails) is cleared from the roof, gutters, yard, and driveway below.
  8. Follow up: After a week, we’ll return for one final inspection to ensure your new roof is ready for years to come.

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Full roof tear-off and reroofing

We specialize in residential roof replacement, which includes roof tear-offs and re-roofing. Our team is experienced in working with a variety of materials and roof styles, making us versatile and able to provide customized solutions for just about anyone. We perform full roof tear-offs and reroofing on flat roofs, garage roofs, steep slope roofs, and everything in between!

The average cost to tear off and replace a roof in Wisconsin

The average cost to tear off and replace a roof in Wisconsin is between $12,500 and $17,500. The price to tear off an old roof depends on the size, material, and health of the roof system.

Roof Replacement Materials

Choosing the right roof material can make a big difference in the look and longevity of your roof replacement. There are several material options to consider, including asphalt, slate, metal, and cedar shake.

If you're looking to replace a metal roof with shingles, asphalt shingles are a popular and cost-effective option that can provide a more traditional look.

On the other hand, if you're considering replacing a shingle roof with metal, you'll enjoy benefits like increased durability and energy efficiency.

Cedar shake is a beautiful and rustic choice for homeowners, but if you're looking to replace cedar shake with asphalt shingles, designer asphalt shingles can mimic the look of cedar shake without the higher cost.

No matter which material you choose, our team has the expertise to provide top-quality replacement services and ensure your roof lasts for years to come.


Large asphalt roof replacement project

Add new gutters, skylights, and fascia to your roof replacement project

When you replace your roofing system it’s a good idea to get your skylights and gutters inspected and replaced at the same time to save money. Odds are, if you installed them around the same time, they’ll all be in similar condition. For most roof replacement companies, it’ll be more affordable to replace multiple systems at one time than to replace one at a time - this could be the difference of thousands of dollars in the long run. Whether you need gutter replacement, new skylight installation, or fascia/soffit/flashing replacement, it's a good idea to tackle the projects around the same time.

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