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Choose Infinity Exteriors for your Wisconsin roof replacement and get unbeatable expertise, quality, and service. With decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we’re Wisconsin's trusted roof replacement company. Contact us today for a free roof replacement estimate.

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6 Signs a roof replacement is needed

As a roof ages, homeowners should monitor it closely for signs of damage and deterioration. Proactive replacement avoids repair scrambles after storms and prevents costlier structural issues. Signs you should seek a professional roof replacement include:

Roof sag icon

Roof sagging, or bulging

Water stain icon

Water Stains on Interior Ceilings

Curling shingle icon

Curling or cracked shingles

Receipt icon

Increased Energy Costs

Granule icon

Excessive Shingle Granule Loss

Leak icon

Frequent Leaks

Damaged roof replacement services in Wisconsin

How Long Should a Roof Last Before Being Replaced?

The durability of a roof in Wisconsin will depend on the roof’s material, weather exposure, and the level of maintenance the roof receives. The usual lifespans of common roof types are:

Why Choose Infinity for Roof Replacement in Wisconsin?

Infinity Exteriors believes in providing homeowners with an excellent experience from start to finish when replacing their roofs. You’ll get dedicated customer service, proven expertise, transparent assessments, and fair pricing. With Infinity, count on:

Infinity Exteriors provides trusted roof replacements throughout Wisconsin in Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

Our Roof Replacement Process

Infinity Exteriors makes roof replacements in Wisconsin a smooth, hassle-free process. Our team of roofing professionals follows these steps for every roof replacement project:

  1. Free Inspection

    First, we perform a comprehensive roof inspection and assessment. We thoroughly examine your current roof and then recommend the best replacement options.

  2. Free Quote

    We’ll provide a transparent quote outlining the full labor and material cost and make any necessary price adjustments right on the spot using our proprietary app.

  3. Schedule

    Once you’ve approved the quote, we’ll schedule a convenient start date and share a clear timeline for your roof replacement project.

  4. Roof Tear-Off

    On day one, we remove your old roof and repair any underlying issues to your roof’s structure to prepare for the new installation.

  5. Roof Installation

    Our team meticulously installs the new roof over 1-3 days in accordance with all building codes and manufacturer specifications to ensure manufacturer warranty coverage.

  6. Clean-Up

    After the new roof is installed, we clean up all debris from your roof, yard, gutters, and driveway, leaving the area around your home pristine.

  7. Follow-Up Inspection

    A few days after the installation is finished, we’ll return to your home to thoroughly inspect our work. Our lifetime workmanship warranty has you covered for any installation issues.

Roof Replacement Materials

When the time comes for a new roof in Wisconsin, it’s important to find the right material to protect your home. Infinity Exteriors offers four excellent roofing options for your home:

Cost of Roof Replacement in Wisconsin

The average cost of a roof replacement in Wisconsin is approximately $8,000-$20,000. The ultimate cost of your new roof depends on the following price factors:

Cost of Roof Replacement in Wisconsin

Roof Size

The total area of your roof is measured in square feet or “squares” (one square = 100 square feet) and largely drives the base cost of a new roof. Larger roofs will cost more.

Roof replacement contractors for steep sloped roofs

Roof Slope

Steeper sloped roofs allow water to run off quickly but may limit material choices and will dictate installation methods. Shallower slopes retain water longer but have more flexible material options.

Cost of professional roof replacements in Wisconsin

Roof Architecture

Intricate roofs with many planes, valleys, dormers, or levels require more labor. Simple roof designs keep costs lower.

Roofing material options for roof replacements in WI

Roof Material

Different roofing materials have unique costs per square foot. Asphalt, metal, cedar, and slate materials range in base pricing.

Many factors go into an accurate roof replacement quote. Contact Infinity Exteriors to get a detailed estimate tailored to your Wisconsin home.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repairs

Consider a full roof replacement if:
Your roof is over 20 years old or nearing the end of its lifespan
There are multiple leaks, widespread shingle damage, or other extensive issues
You want to upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient roofing
The cost of required repairs exceeds 50% of a new roof installation
Consider roof repairs if:
Problems are isolated, like a single leak or limited shingle damage
Your roof is less than 10 years old and was installed properly
Spot repairs can effectively extend the useful life of your roof

Financing for Roof Replacements

Easy payment plans for budget-friendly roof replacements.

Roof Financing Options

How Much Will It Cost?

Use our roof cost calculator for a free estimate based on the specifications of your Wisconsin roof.

Roof Cost Calculator

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Will insurance pay for my roof replacement?

Insurance will usually cover your roof replacement if your existing roof was damaged by severe weather or another event outside of your control. Insurance companies will generally not, however, cover a replacement made necessary by standard wear and tear, neglect, or age.

Can you install new shingles over old shingles?

We do not recommend overlays for homes in Wisconsin. An overlay does not fix underlying issues with your roof’s structure and can void manufacturer warranties. A full replacement is a better long-term option for the best results.

How often do I need a roof replacement?

The lifespan of your roof will depend on its material, weather conditions, installation quality, and frequency of maintenance. Proper maintenance is the key to longevity. A well-maintained asphalt roof typically lasts 20-25 years before replacement. More durable materials like metal and slate can last for over 50 years.

Can I finance a roof replacement?

Yes, Infinity Exteriors provides flexible financing for homeowners in Wisconsin. Choose 12-month 0% interest plans or 10-year options with 0% down and affordable monthly payments.

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