12 Months No Interest & No Payments along with a longer 10 year plan with monthly payments as low as $89!
Wisconsin home is protected during spring rains Wisconsin home holds up to summer heat & humidity Wisconsin home where leaves fall to the ground instead of the in the gutters Wisconsin home is warm and draft free in the winter
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Infinity Exteriors LLC

Infinity Exteriors has worked on thousands of roofs across Southeast Wisconsin - building, rebuilding, repairing and upgrading. We've also installed windows, siding and gutters for someone you know (probably).


Largest Roof Construction and Repair Company in Wisconsin – Because People Refer Us

Current Infinity Offer: 50% OFF Labor Rates & No InterestNo Payments For 12 Months!

Now is the perfect time of year to repair roof leaks, fix broken shingles, or replace sagging gutters. Get your roof ready to sustain the harsh effects of fall and winter with expert attic insulation service or quality gutter cover installations. Don’t miss out on best of the best Waukesha roofing installations and repairs at the most affordable value professionally installed by Infinity Exteriors! Take advantage of our special roofing service offers today and receive 50% off Labor Rates and No Interest Financing for 12 months.

Choosing A Milwaukee Roofing Contractor is Easy...After You Meet With Us!

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau of WI
  • #1 Roofing company on 2016's Milwaukee A-List 
  • Angie's List Service Award Winner.... winners in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006
  • 10 Consecutive years of outstanding, award winning customer service
  • NARI Member in good standing
  • 99% Referral Rate
  • Best Warranty in the Business
  • In Business Since 1997

Infinity Gives Back to the Community with the YouthInfinity Fields Baseball Park

The Infinity Fields baseball park is sponsored by Infinity Exteriors, hosting youth baseball and softball games in Waukesha. The field is located on Les Paul Parkway and Milky Way Road. When Infinity Exteriors isn't building the best roofs in Wisconsin, we're giving back to the community.

See the full story about the Infinity Field renaming. The renaming celebration included a food and clothes drive for the Hebron House of Hospitality.

Roofing Projects Done Right: Infinity's Unique Approach

Our approach is different than most Milwaukee roofing contractors, in that our goal is to educate you about the project and let you make the decision. We are confident that when you know the facts....we are the best option!

Infinity Exteriors of Waukesha has won more awards from manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers than any other roofing company in Wisconsin.

No Milwaukee roofing contractor offers more competitive pricing or a better value on a roof with a VALID 50 year manufacturer’s warranty than Infinity Exteriors of Waukesha.

Listen to Why Infinity Exteriors Milwaukee is the Best Choice

Infinity Exteriors has the best price and the best workmanship for Milwaukee roofing, window installation, and siding backed by a real life time warranty. You'll pay nothing until you are completely satisfied. Choose Infinity for a guaranteed perfect installation every time. Listen for yourself, and find out why Infinity Exteriors is the best choice for roofing, siding, and window installation in Wisconsin.

Landmark Shingle colors

Best Milwaukee Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Wisconsin Gutter Repair, Installation and Cleaning Services

Between the abundance of snow, ice and trees in our state, Wisconsin gutters take a real beating. Infrequent or improper gutter cleaning can result in snow, ice dam and debris build up, which can cause gutters to crack, tear away from the structure, or fall off completely. Clogged or broken gutters may also result in serious foundation damage, costing you thousands of dollars.

Infinity Exteriors offers thorough gutter evaluations to determine any weaknesses or impending issues. Our Milwaukee roofing contractors are the experts when it comes to locating and identifying gutter failures. We catch gutter problems immediately to save you major repairs in the future.

We are committed to providing you with the best gutter cleaning Milwaukee has to offer. We understand cleaning gutters can be dangerous, messy and a time-consuming hassle. Let our Milwaukee roofing contractors do a thorough job cleaning your Wisconsin gutters, while also providing superior gutter repairs, replacements and installation services. Infinity Exteriors ensures your gutters are clean, clear and secure, so you can rest easy all year long.

To ensure your Milwaukee gutters achieve optimal longevity and reliable performance, have them cleaned at the change of each season (3-4 times per year). Bi-annual Wisconsin gutter inspections are encouraged to address and repair any gutter failures, which may cause costly repairs in the long run.

Infinity Exteriors is your complete resource for the best Milwaukee siding, roof repairs, window installation, gutter cover installation and other Milwaukee roofing solutions.

Contact our Milwaukee roofers today for all your gutter, roofing, siding, replacement window and insulation solutions!

Wisconsin’s #1 LP SmartSide Dealer and Installer

With the appearance of natural wood siding and none of the disadvantages, LP SmartSide siding is the ideal material for Wisconsin homes. SmartSide is made using waxes, resins, and advanced binders. This engineered wood siding has remarkable durability to withstand all kinds of impact and resist damage, including:

Boost your curb appeal with engineered wood siding from Infinity Exteriors, the top LP SmartSide dealer and installer in Wisconsin.

SmartSide comes with an unbelievable manufacturer’s warranty. The 5/50-year warranty covers 5 years of labor and materials plus an additional 50 years for complete siding protection.

SmartSide Siding Colors

SmartSide siding is available in a variety of colors, such as:

LP’s designers are always coming up with new colors—contact us to find out what’s currently available!

All Milwaukee Roofing "Material and Labor" Warranties Are NOT Equal

There are many Milwaukee roofing contractors using the same asphalt roofing shingles but the warranties are not the same. What other Milwaukee roofing contractors do not tell you, or may not even know themselves, is if your roof installation is not done according to the exact specifications stated in the fine print of your warranty, the roofing warranty is null and void. MOST Milwaukee and Waukesha roofing contractors DO NOT adhere to manufacturer installation specifications, failing to install proper ventilation (9 out of 10 homes are not ventilated properly), and failing to install an ice and water barrier with sufficient reach to fully protect your roof from ice damming. Not only do these shortcuts void your manufacturer’s roofing warranty, they also compromise the structural integrity of your home, making your home susceptible to water damage, and a variety of costly repairs.

That’s just one of the reasons why during the nine month roofing season, the Better Business Bureau receives more complaints about roofing contractors than any other type of business.

Other "Details" Your Milwaukee Roofing Contractor May Not Be Telling You...

In 2008, hundreds of Wisconsin home owners had liens placed against their homes (AFTER THEY PAID THEIR CONTRACTOR) because their roofing company did not pay for roofing supplies on time. MAKE SURE you get a lien wavier from your Milwaukee roofing contractor and SUPPLIER, to avoid liability for your roofer’s failure to pay their bills. Infinity Exteriors is the ONLY roofing company in Wisconsin to receive the Platinum ABC Award for timely payment of bills for roofing supplies.

Your Milwaukee roofing contractor must be licensed, insured, and must obtain all the necessary building permits to avoid putting you at risk for a variety of liabilities.

Other Milwaukee and Waukesha roofing companies will “sell you a roof”. Infinity Exteriors will educate you about all the issues you need to be aware of – from energy efficiency, ventilation, and building codes to the facts about your roofing warranty. Even people who choose not to go with Infinity Exteriors say they are glad they met with us. In fact, we have received multiple phone calls in the past year from people who chose Waukesha roofing contractors with lower prices, to tell us they wish they had listened to the issues we warned them about. Don’t hire Infinity Exteriors to clean up another Waukesha roofing contractor’s mess – hire Infinity Exteriors to get your roof installed right the first time.

The Highest Standards in Milwaukee and Waukesha Roofing

Price Match Guarantee Gold SealInfinity Exteriors has the most competitive prices of any roofing contractor in Waukesha or Milwaukee that adheres to the highest level of roof installation standards. We keep our overhead costs low so we can spend our money where it counts – with the best roofers Milwaukee has to offer. All our foremen have over 10 years of roofing experience, and all our roofers have full health benefits, 401K’s and most have been with us for five years or more, which is almost unheard of in the Milwaukee roofing industry. We find a huge amount of our customers through referrals, saving money on marketing, advertising, and the commissions most Milwaukee roofing companies have to spend to get business.

Milwaukee Roofing Services- Windows, Siding, Insulation, and Energy Efficiency

Infinity Exteriors is also your best choice in Milwaukee for window replacement, siding, gutters and gutter covers, attic insulation, and more. Our work can help save you money on your energy bills. For the best value in Milwaukee roofing, windows, siding and more, call Infinity Exteriors today.