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Milwaukee Roofing Contractors for Residential and Commercial Roofing

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Infinity Exteriors Builds the Most Reliable Roofs in Wisconsin - Period.

The cheapest roofing contractor in Milwaukee is not Infinity Exteriors. We DO deliver the lowest prices of any reputable roofer. Roofers who undercut an Infinity Exteriors roofing bid usually compromise on quality by hiring unskilled labor or neglecting part of your roofing system such as proper ventilation, flashing, air and water barrier, or attic insulation. Skimping out on your roof is the fastest way to devalue your home and rack up expensive restoration bills.

Infinity WILL beat the price of any Milwaukee roofing contractor offering a comparable product.

Our roofing specialists are meticulous, conscientious, professionally trained full-time employees of Infinity Exteriors. We keep our overhead costs low and our standards high, building hands-down the best roofs in the Midwest and giving our customers the best price on warrantied roofing systems installed correctly. And we offer payment plan specials to our customers including 12 months of no interest, no payments.

Best Warranty in the Roofing Industry

Every Infinity roof is guaranteed 100%. Our exclusive true lifetime warranty:

A warranty like Infinity's would BANKRUPT the average roofer by sheer volume of free roof repairs. We provide the roofing industry’s best warranty and thrive because mistakes are vanishingly rare, quickly spotted during free annual inspections, and remedied without hesitation at a cost of 0 dollars and 0 cents.

Trust Infinity for the best price on warrantied roofing installed correctly. You’ll pay nothing until we’ve completed a perfect installation, including cleanup.

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Milwaukee Roofing Contractors

Residential/Asphalt Roofing

Waukesha’s Infinity Exteriors is renowned for unsurpassed quality in residential asphalt shingle roofing. We build roofs with elite asphalt shingles from Certainteed, DaVinci, GAF  and Decra stone coated steel shingles. All materials are guaranteed for 30+ years and backed by our 100% workmanship warranty.

Infinity Exterior’s seasoned roofing contractors are our full-time employees: certified professionals licensed by the state of Wisconsin, never subcontractors.

Call us today at 262-650-4050 for the best value on residential roofing in the Midwest.

Commercial Roofing Waukesha

Commercial Roofing

Our quality TPO and EPDM rubber roofing products are waterproof, energy efficient, and durable.  We install dependable materials from GAF, Verisco, and Mulehide.  Our professional roofing contractors install, repair and replace commercial and flat roofs throughout Southeast Wisconsin. 

Every Infinity commercial roofing installation includes a lifetime workmanship warranty, free yearly inspections and you pay nothing until you're completely satisfied with your new roof.

Call us today at 262-650-5040 for a free estimate on your Milwaukee or Waukesha commercial roofing project.

Brookfield Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Infinity roofers find the cause of leaks, deterioration, and ice dams fast  - and fix them properly. Our roofing contractors are certified, seasoned troubleshooters who’ve repaired every type of shoddy roof material and workmanship under the sun.

Infinity Exteriors is qualified for repairs under manufacturer warranties even if a different contractor completed the install, and we provide free estimates for residential and commercial repairs and replacements.

For affordable, comprehensive, watertight roofing repairs call us at 262-650-5040


Infinity's three asphalt roofing systems:

Certainteed Landmark Roofing Shingles Certainteed Landmark Roofing Shingles


Certainteed Landmark Classic

  • Modeled after handsome cedar shake of Colonial America
  • Class A fire resistant
  • Proprietary streak fighter layering is guaranteed to prevent airborne algae from striping for 10 years
  • Fortified by a lifetime limited warranty

When our expert roofers install Certainteed Landmark Classic laminated asphalt shingles, you’ll experience what makes Infinity Exteriors the best Wisconsin roofing company.

Contact the best Milwaukee roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors to get a quote.
Certainteed Landmark Plus Roofing Shingles Certainteed Landmark Plus Roofing Shingles


Certainteed Landmark Pro

  • At 270 lbs per square, it outperforms standard laminate
  • Traditional shades replicate the sleek durability of slate or natural wood at a reasonable price
  • Designed for precise roofing specifications, a go-to shingle for fastidious craftsmen
  • Complete with Certainteed’s generous lifetime limited warranty.

The Certainteed Landmark Pro asphalt shingles are laminated and thicker than Landmark Classic.

Contact the top Wisconsin roofers at Infinity Exteriors for more information on our superior roof installation services.
Landmark Premium Shingles Landmark Premium Shingles


Certainteed Northgate SBS Modified Shingles

  • Trademark Max Def coloring means a lusher blend of surface granules
  • Laminated fiberglass construction outperforms standard shingles in fire, wind, and tear resistance
  • Comprehensive coverage from Certainteed’s lifetime, limited transferrable warranty.

The Certainteed Northgate SBS Modified asphalt shingles are available in a finer selection of colors and are constructed with unmatched quality.

Call Infinity Exteriors for the best Milwaukee roofing contractors providing unrivaled Wisconsin roof installation services backed by a superior roofing warranty.

Other roofing materials:

Cedar Wood Roofing Shingles


Cedar Wood Shingles

Cedar wood shingles are natural and resilient, giving your roof quality protection and incredible beauty. Cedar gives any home a classic look, and Infinity contractors have even installed cedar shingles on historic homes. The wood has natural strength, making it just as good as asphalt and stone. Like all wood, different stains may be applied to create a richer color or hue. Our unequaled lifetime warranty will keep your cedar wood roof in great shape for years and years. Roof installation services from Infinity Exteriors cover full replacement costs for a lifetime guarantee.

Contact Infinity Exteriors' contractors for cedar roof installation services backed by a lifetime warranty.
Infinity Exteriors in Waukesha provides attractive and durable DaVinci Roofscapes roof tiles for commercial and residential properties.

Slate & Shake

DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Roofscapes’ slate roof tiles and shake shingles provide optimum protection for your home while adding beauty and value. The expert Milwaukee roofing contractors at Infinity Exteriors Waukesha have years of experience utilizing top quality DaVinci polymer roofing materials for our unparalleled roof installation services. All our Wisconsin roofing services are backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty to ensure your roof remains steadfast for years to come.

Contact the expert roofers at Infinity Exteriors to learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes and the best Wisconsin roof installation services backed by an unbeatably Infinity warranty.
CertainTeed Matterhorn Metal Roofing


CertainTeed Matterhorn Metal Roofing

CertainTeed Matterhorn® slate and shake metal roofing options are now available for Wisconsin homeowners from Infinity Exteriors. Each piece of metal is made to resemble natural stone or wood roofing. The result is lightweight, energy efficient roofing with the durability of metal. Learn all about the benefits of modern metal roofing from the experts of Infinity Exteriors. Our contractors will help you select the best CertainTeed Matterhorn® slate or shake metal roofing for your home.

Contact Infinity Exteriors' top Milwaukee roofing contractors for the best CertainTeed metal roof installation services  guaranteed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.

No Roofing Job is Too Big, Small or Specialized 

Waukesha’s best roofers are the best window, gutter and siding installers

Infinity Exteriors is located in Waukesha serving all of Southeast Wisconsin from Milwaukee to Oconomowoc, from Kenosha to West Bend, and farther out on occasion. We also meticulously install windows, attic insulation, gutters, siding, and trim.

We are confident that once you have compared us to other Milwaukee roofing contractors, it will be easy to discover why our Milwaukee roofers are the best choice for your historic roof restoration, roof repair, roof replacement or installation job. Infinity Exteriors IS the best value in Milwaukee Roofing, period.

Infinity Roofing offers free repair estimates, competitive pricing, and transparent costs. Other roofing contractors in Wisconsin wish they could do what we do! Our company HQ and showrooms are in the Milwaukee Metro area and we’ve roofed more Wisconsin homes and businesses than anyone else!

Your neighbors love our work. Click on any location to see a map of our roofing installation that proves it.

Contact our Waukesha roofing department today or call Infinity Exteriors at 262.650.5040 today to learn more about the best values on roofing, siding, and home energy efficiency now and 30 years from now!
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