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Oregon, Wisconsin roof installation and repair services

Oregon, WI Roofing Contractors

Infinity Exteriors is a top choice for residential roofing in Oregon, WI. Our services include roof inspections, installations, repairs, and replacements—all backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. As one of the leading roofing companies in Oregon, WI, our skilled roofing contractors ensure high-quality results. If you need reliable roofers in Oregon, contact Infinity Exteriors today and ask about our affordable roof financing options. For all your roofing needs in Oregon, WI, we've got you covered!

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Residential Roofing Services in Oregon, WI

Looking for trustworthy roofing contractors near Oregon, WI. Look no further than Oregon's leading roofing specialists. Infinity Exteriors has maintained unmatched excellence since 1997, showcasing an impeccable track record. Don't just take our word for it—read reviews from our satisfied customers. Whether it's roof repair, replacement, or any other roofing need, you can count on Infinity. Our roofing services include:

Ready to jumpstart your roofing endeavor? Contact us now to book your complimentary roofing evaluation. If you're still weighing your choices, try our roof cost calculator for a transparent breakdown of your project's costs.


Roof Repair in Oregon, WI

Promptly addressing roof damage is essential in preventing expensive issues such as water leaks and ongoing deterioration. Infinity Exteriors excels in addressing various types of roof damage, ranging from minor issues like missing shingles to more substantial problems resulting from severe weather or prolonged wear. Oregon residents and those in neighboring Wisconsin areas can take advantage of our free roof repair estimates. Don't wait until the problem gets worse —contact us today to get your free roof repair quote. 


Roof Replacement in Oregon, WI

Considering a roof replacement can be a prudent choice if your roof has endured substantial damage or is approaching the end of its lifespan. Typically, roofs need replacement every 17-22 years, with factors like installation quality and roofing material type affecting the timeframe. Try our roof replacement cost calculator to estimate roofing costs in Oregon, WI, or contact us to get a free quote. 


Roof Inspections in Oregon, WI

Regular roof inspections are essential for averting unnecessary extensive repairs. Identifying early indications of damage and deterioration before they escalate can significantly prolong your roof's lifespan and mitigate the likelihood of a costly replacement, which can range from $13,253 to $26,509 in Oregon. To optimize outcomes and minimize expenses, it's prudent to have your roof inspected at least once a year. Contact Infinity Exteriors today to schedule your next roof inspection and protect your investment.

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Oregon Village Hall

Do you need a permit for a new roof in Oregon, Wisconsin?

The village of Oregon provides access to permits to make sure your exterior renovation meets regulations. If you plan on working on a project yourself, you’ll need to get proper permits at the local municipal office below.

For questions and correspondence:

Village of Oregon Building Inspection
117 Spring Street Oregon, WI 53575
Phone: (608) 835-3118

Want The Permit Taken Care Of? Hire Infinity Roofing!

Paperwork is a pain, and though dealing with permits and regulations is no exception to this rule, it doesn’t have to be your problem. Infinity can take do all that frustrating paperwork for you, giving you the freedom for other things.

Average roof installation cost in Oregon (by material)

The average roof replacement cost in Oregon, WI, ranges from $10,342 to $46,111 or more. The cost of roof replacement depends on the size and type of roof being replaced. To get the most accurate quote on roof replacement, contact the Oregon roofing contractors at Infinity Roofing. 

Material Cost
Asphalt $10,342 - $15,370
Cedar Wood $31,026 - $46,111
Designed Asphalt $18,099 - $26,898
Metal $31,026 - $46,111

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